Chris Christie’s RINO-licious day

Does anyone here still think Chris Christie is presidential material?

Really? Haven’t you been paying attention? Because if today is any indication, the left may demonize him as a “conservative extremist,” but trust me, he doesn’t fit the mold. Not one bit.

He took his lovefest with the Obamas to a whole new level by snagging the coveted seat at the right hand of Queen Michelle during Sunday’s Governor’s Ball.

Right after that he changed his tune on Obamacare, singing its praises.

And for the piece de resistance, he presented a record $32.9 billion state budget proposal today. A budget that increases spending by 4% over last year. That’s double the spending increase permitted by his signature 2% cap, The very same cap he imposed on cities, towns, counties, and school districts, but somehow is inapplicable to himself.

Does Chris Christie have principles? Sure. And if you don’t like them, he has others.

Trust me, if Chris Christie is a “conservative,” I’m a monkey’s uncle.

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The #VRWC Report, Obamacare’s latest #fail, leadership vacuums, and community organizer payola

Remember when Obamacare was going to cover pre-existing conditions? Yeah, not so much. Turns out the fund they set up to do that is broke. And now HHS has closed it to new applicants.

Beware the Leadership Cult.

Why work when you can sue your parents for bringing you up in poverty?

Are you as tired as I am with all the doom and gloom predictions surrounding Obama’s sequester? Guess what? His Stimulus did far more damage. Yes, really.

Proof continues his salute to our Medal of Honor recipients with Specialist Fourth Class Frank A. HerdaHooah!

Community organizers pay $9 per hour to “grass-roots anti-gun demonstrators.” Please don’t call it Capitalism!

On the other hand, some Black leaders understand the need for civil rights.

Perhaps one day our Washington panjandrums will understand the law of unintended consequences. Alas, today is not that day.

If you feel like the Republican Party doesn’t represent your values anymore…read this.

Finally, back on the perpetual vacation express, Michelle Obama makes another invaluable contribution to the dignity of the presidency. Good thing she didn’t throw up on the Japanese Prime Minister, right?

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Uh oh, if Barry’s Sequester goes thru, he’ll impose air traffic delays

Those upcoming government spending cuts were totally Dear Leader’s idea.

Buried in the fine print? Airport delays.

Or so he says. Who knows?

It’s like Jon Corzine’s annual “close the beaches” ruse. Every year on July 1st Corzine would cut “non-essential” services if he hadn’t reached a tax-hiking budget agreement with the state legislature. First up on his list of “non-essential” items? Beaches and parks. On the Fourth of July.

Because people screaming for their summer vacations was better than anything he could have said.

The legislature folded like a cheap lawn chair. They raised taxes, and Corzine re-opened the beaches.

So here’s Barry, playing the same game.

If he can’t raise taxes you’ll miss your flight.

It’s almost like there is absolutely no waste, fraud, or abuse in any federal department.

Well, except for the union rep on the taxpayer payroll.

What’s that? You hadn’t heard?

‘Tis true. Every federal department, agency, bureau, and commission has staffers who are 100% union reps. On the public payroll. Their job? File grievances, submit benefits paperwork, recruit more unionistas. Your tax dollars pay their salaries.

Dear Leader could cut them, and tell the union to pay their own damn way.

Or, he can ruin your vacation.

Guess which option he picked?

What is it with NJ Democrats and not wearing seat belts?

State Senator and presumtive gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono was injured in a car crash last night, because she wasn’t wearing her seat belt.

First off, I’m glad she’s OK. The injuries weren’t serious, and she’s already back at work.

But geez Louise, it’s the Democrats’ mission in life to pound “safety” into the very fabric of our lives. They created mandatory seat belt laws. They sic the cops on us day and night with checkpoints searching for seat belt scofflaws.

And yet they don’t practice what they preach. Remember when Jon Corzine was, alas much more seriously, injured in a car crash? He wasn’t wearing a seat belt either.

NJ Democrats want to tell you how to run your life. Just don’t expect them to follow their own rules.

Let’s not make a dope deal: Montclair Medical Marijuana dispensary can’t keep up with demand

They’re the only game in town if you want your legal “medical” marijuana. They’ve got 645 “patients.” And the wait for a hit is measured in weeks.

Medical marijuana patients are finding there’s a long wait to get their first legal pot from New Jersey’s only open licensed dispensary.

Patients tell The Record that waits can be from several weeks to a few months at Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair.

Dispensary president Joe Stevens says he expected 300 patients per year initially.

But because no other dispensaries in the state are open yet, it has 645 registered patients and counting.

Now let me see if I’ve got this straight. They sell one product. You hand them cash, they hand you the bud. What’s that take, a minute? Two? If CVS spent weeks to fill 645 prescriptions they’d be out of business. So what’s the holdup? Are the clerks sampling the merchandise?

Here’s some advice Joe. Go find the kid selling dope down in Lackawanna Plaza. Hire him. Trust me, he’s fast, and he knows his product.