An apple a day is the Nanny State way

Freedom of choice is anathema to the Nanny State.They will choose for you, and you’d better like it, or else.

McDonald’s bowed to the force of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign. She might not be able to stop Barry (or herself!) from gorging on french fries but by golly she’s gonna take all the fun out of every kid’s Happy Meal.

Out with the french fries, in with the apple slices! McDonald’s used to offer parents a choice – fries or apples. But that wasn’t good enough for the First Busybody; so now everybody gets apple slices, whether they want them or not.

In New York City Nurse Bloomberg is pleased as punch.

Somewhere the Founding Fathers are not amused.

Anonymous? Not any more!

The FBI always gets their man. Always.

The FBI executed search warrants at the New York homes of three suspected members of notorious hacking group Anonymous early Tuesday morning, has learned.

More than 10 FBI agents arrived at the Baldwin, N.Y., home of Giordani Jordan at 6:00 a.m.EST with a search warrant for computers and computer-related accessories, removing at least one laptop from the premises.

The agents spent an hour and 40 minutes at Jordan’s house; other agents investigated a second Long Island, N.Y., home and one in Brooklyn, N.Y., sources told

Jordan’s system was identified as allegedly being used in a coordinated distributed denial of service attack against several companies, a law enforcement official told

When you aid and abet traitors it’s only a matter of time before the Feds buy you a one-way ticket to Leavenworth.

Lock these jerks up and throw away the key.

Now they’re rationing toilet paper in Bloombergistan

The NYC Parks Dept doesn’t have enough toilet paper on hand to keep their public bathrooms fully stocked.

So Mike Bloomberg’s Workers Paradise has resorted to rationing.

The city is so hard up for cash that it’s rationing toilet paper in women’s public restrooms — to the point where bathroom attendants are doling out a few measly squares per patron — along the world-famous Coney Island boardwalk.

The Post witnessed stone-faced Parks Department employees leave toilet-paper dispensers empty last week and instead force astonished female beachgoers to form “ration lines” in the bathrooms.

Regina Ballone, 25, of Brooklyn visited a boardwalk bathroom at West 16th Street Wednesday and was “grossed out” at the thought of someone else handling her toilet paper.

“Never in my life have I experienced anything like this,” she said. “I walked toward a stall, and a bathroom attendant stopped me by shouting, ‘Hey, mami! There’s no toilet paper here,’ and she whipped out a big roll for me to grab some.”

Beachgoers also have been forced to line up for their paltry allotment of the city’s cheap, single-ply toilet paper at the boardwalk’s other women’s restroom at Stillwell Avenue.

People who tout the genius of Mike Bloomberg brings to mind P.J. O’Rourke’s famous line from the early 1980s, when he accompanied a bunch of die-hard true believers on a river cruise through the Soviet Union:

These were people who believed everything about the Soviet Union was perfect, but they were bringing their own toilet paper.

Hey, they don’t call Brooklyn “Moscow on the Hudson” for nothing!

My admiration for John Thune, already quite high, just ratcheted up a few more notches

Responding to President Training Pants snide remarks questioning the GOP work ethic Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) said this:

“I think the best way to get an appointment with the president is to set up a tee time.”

Yeah, Obama has plenty of time for TEE parties on the golf course (how many rounds is he playing this weekend?), but of course no time at all for the ideals of the TEA Party. Or for that matter, the actual business of governing.

It’s about time somebody in the GOP called it like it is.