Charlie Brown converts to Islam? Liberals fail to get the joke.

My admiration for Dennis Leary just went up about 5 notches.

You’ll have to click to watch the video, which is legitimately clever and funny. Christianity takes a few hits, but I don’t know of any Christian who can’t laugh at his or herself as long we’re not — per the usual — being singled out by cowardly satirists posing as “ballsy.”

Thankfully, that is certainly not the case here and as expected, the very same leftists who would praise the bravery of anyone trashing Christians, are now screaming “Islamophobia!”.

Hark the Herald Jihadis Sing?

What father hasn’t wanted to bind his daughter’s mouth, hands, and feet with duct tape?

Father Of The Year:

A 21-year-old Chicago man is in legal trouble after he posted Facebook pictures of his baby daughter with her mouth, wrists and ankles bound in duct tape.

The Chicago Police Department said that Andre Curry was charged with aggravated domestic battery and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

The picture of the helpless 1-year-old bound with tape was posted with the caption “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; )” on Curry’s Facebook page.

Poor kid.

Did you catch that “hits me back” part? What a lowlife. “Hits me back” implies he hit her first. A one year old girl. I’ll bet all his gansta boyz high-fived him for puttin’ the biotch in her place.

If I was the judge, I’d order him bound up in duct tape. And then tossed off the courthouse steps.

Step 3 in the Lindsay-Lohan-ification of Miley Cyrus…

Fake boobs!

In the wake of Miley Cyrus’s busty appearance at Sunday’s CNN’s Heroes 2011 award, a trio of experts told Star magazine that there’s a strong indication the Hannah Montana star went under the knife to achieve the voluptuous new look.

Cyrus, 19, turned heads at the event as she walked the red carpet in a yellow Roberto Cavalli dress with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

“Her breasts are very nice and round and it looks like she has had them done,” said cosmetic physician Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado, using shots from the event provided by the magazine. “If you look at the volume, it appears she has had a breast augmentation.


Her father must be so proud.

Buy a Prius, Kill a Mexican

Smug eco-twits don’t give a shit about dead Mexicans and their brain-damaged children. All they know is, they’re “saving the planet” by recycling their batteries.

The spent batteries Americans turn in for recycling are increasingly being sent to Mexico, where their lead is often extracted by crude methods that are illegal in the United States, exposing plant workers and local residents to dangerous levels of a toxic metal.

The rising flow of batteries is a result of strict new Environmental Protection Agency standards on lead pollution, which make domestic recycling more difficult and expensive, but do not prohibit companies from exporting the work and the danger to countries where standards are low and enforcement is lax.

Spent batteries house up to 40 pounds of lead, which can cause high blood pressure, kidney damage and abdominal pain in adults, and serious developmental delays and behavioral problems in young children because it interferes with neurological development. When batteries are broken for recycling, the lead is released as dust and, during melting, as lead-laced emissions.

For much of the past decade, at the vast recycling compound of Industrial Mondelo here, batteries have been dismantled by men wielding hammers, and their lead melted in furnaces whose smokestacks vent to the air outside, where lead particles can settle everywhere from schoolyards to food carts. Officials of the plant, which has been given more than a dozen citations and fines for lead emissions and improper storage of dangerous materials, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

What’s the carbon footprint of a typical Mexican’s funeral?

Another coal-powered car company gives up

California-based Aptera is no more:

A Southern California electric vehicle company has decided to pull the plug. 

Aptera Motors has announced that it is shutting its doors, letting its workers go and liquidating its assets, reports.  

The company first showed off its three-wheeled model in 2007 and had been working on a sedan. 

Good. We can’t meet the electrical demand we face with the generating capacity we have now. As Obama’s EPA closes more coal-fired power plants these battery-powered cars won’t be able to find electrons come Hell or high water.