The U.N. is indeed a joke, as if you needed more proof

North Korea is leading the United Nations Conference on Disarmament:

Despite numerous breaches of arms embargoes and continued threats to expand its nuclear weapons program, North Korea has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. In a speech to the 65-nation arms control forum in Geneva, the newly-appointed president, North Korean Ambassador So Se Pyong, said he was “very much committed to the Conference.” 

You can’t make this stuff up.

Los Angeles, Mexifornia – where the US is booed and sports trophies are awarded in Spanish

When the US plays Mexico in soccer Mexico is always the home team. Even when they’re playing in America.

On a balmy early Saturday summer evening, the U.S soccer team played for a prestigious championship in a U.S. stadium … and was smothered in boos.

Its fans were vastly outnumbered. Its goalkeeper was bathed in a chanted obscenity. Even its national anthem was filled with the blowing of air horns and bouncing of beach balls.

Thanks Multiculturalists! You guys really gave the Founding Fathers the shaft, didn’t you?

…”Obviously … the support that Mexico has on the night like tonight makes it a home game for them,” said U.S. Coach Bob Bradley, choosing his words carefully. “It’s part of something we have to deal with on the night.”

Oh, but in an American venue they still speak English, right?


Goalkeeper Tim Howard was still upset after the U.S. lost the Gold Cup final, but his strongest reaction had nothing to do with the four goals Mexico slotted in his net.

After El Tri’s 4-2 victory at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., Howard blasted CONCACAF officials for conducting the title ceremony in Spanish.

“CONCACAF should be ashamed of themselves,” Howard said. “I think it was a [expletive] disgrace that the entire postmatch ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass that if we were in Mexico City, it wouldn’t be all in English.

Of course not. Multiculturalism is a one-way street. We have to respect them; they most certainly don’t have to respect us.

One of the key reasons the Roman Empire fell was because for the first time, it allowed large groups of immigrants to live within its territory without forcing them to disperse, give up their culture, and fully become Roman.

We are well past that stage.

This country is going to Hell in a handbasket.

Disney Club Penguin #Fail

They forgot to renew the domain name


My daughter is not a happy camper right now. And at $60 bucks a year for a deluxe membership I’m not exactly pleased with Disney’s attention to detail. It’s not like Network Solutions doesn’t send out 4,000 emails warning your domain is about to expire. They even have “auto renew” which is how I ensure none of my domains end up pointing to the hijack screen of sadness.


I’ll believe Republicans are serious about cutting the deficit when…

…they vote to repeal Ethanol subsidies.

Yesterday Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) forced a vote on the Senate floor for a measure that would have immediately ended both federal subsidies and protective tariffs for corn-based ethanol fuel. Incredibly he could only muster 34 republican votes on the measure. With the addition of six democrats the proposal fell 20 votes short of the 60 needed to advance.

No guts, no glory.

Big Ethanol receives billions of dollars annually from the federal government to drive up the cost of food, continue dependence on foreign oil and destroy the small engines in my garage.

Ethanol is a boondoggle of gargantuan proportions. Shut it down! Where’s the Tea Party when you need them?



The Obama Stimulus Plan for Greece?

OK, this makes all kinds of sense. We’re going to borrow money from the Chinese and give it to the Greeks?

President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged European countries and bondholders to prevent a “disastrous” default by Greece and pledged U.S. support to help tackle the country’s debt crisis.

“U.S. support” == IMF loans guaranteed by the American taxpayer, who’s broke. So, we’ll ultimately borrow the money from China.

I’m sure my daughter’s children will be glad to know they’re on the hook for paying it back.