LIberals love rats: EPA bans rat poison because it’s … poisonous

They can kill jobs. They can kill profits. But as of today, the EPA won’t let you kill rats.

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of a dozen rat and mouse poisons sold under the popular D-Con brand in an effort to protect children and pets.

The agency said Wednesday it hopes to reduce the thousands of accidental exposures that occur every year from rodent-control products. Children and pets are at risk for exposure because the products typically are placed on floors.

Obaviously what we need is some kind of government training program for the rats. To keep them off the floors. Away from the children and pets. Maybe then we can kill ’em.

Florida mom pays for armed security guard at her children’s school

Laurie Lauria saw a need, and she filled it.

A north Florida woman is paying an armed deputy to patrol her child’s elementary school due to safety concerns following the shooting that killed 20 children in Newtown, Conn.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports Laurie Lauria has given the Flagler County School District enough money to cover the costs of keeping a deputy at Old Kings Elementary School for two months. And Superintendent Janet Valentine says Lauria has agreed to cover the costs through the end of the year.

Of course Dear Leader will say she’s over-reacting.

U.N. anti-poverty agency spends $5.7 Billion per year and is completely ineffective

But what else would you expect from the U.N.?

The $5.7 billion United Nations Development Program bills itself as the U.N.’s flagship anti-poverty agency, but when it comes to actually helping the world’s 1.3 billion desperately poor people, that description appears to be more of a facade, according to a report commissioned by UNDP itself that is slated for closed-door discussion at the end of this month.

According to the document, UNDP’s efforts often have “only remote connections with poverty.” Its anti-poverty programs are “disconnected,” and are frequently “seriously compromised” by a lack of follow-up to help poor countries learn “what works and why.”

Bottom line: after spending more than $8.5 billion on anti-poverty activities between 2004 and 2011—and just how much more is something of a mystery– UNDP has only “limited ability…to demonstrate whether its poverty reduction activities have contributed to any significant change in the lives of the people it is trying to help.”

But I’ll bet that they’re really, really, really good at holding lavish conferences in exotic locales where they serve gourmet food and drink expensive wines. For the children. Of course.

Newark, NJ forces bars to install surveillance cameras, to catch the crooks their police dept can’t

The Newark PD can’t catch crooks without your help. Sounds legit, right? Except when they define “your help” as “you gotta install thousands of dollars of security camera equipment and give us the tapes whenever we want.” Or pay fines of $1,000 per day.

Businesses that sell liquor in New Jersey’s largest city must install cameras at their entrances and exits under a new ordinance championed by Newark Council President Anibal Ramos.

The ordinance, announced by Ramos today, also mandates businesses to post surveillance equipment near their curb and their parking lots, a move the council president and police officials believe will help identify robbery suspects and other criminals who prey on commercial establishments.

The ordinance requires that all businesses turn over their surveillance footage to the Newark Police Department’s Alcohol Beverage Control board upon request. Businesses that don’t purchase surveillance systems or comply with ABC requests are subject to fines of up to $1,000, according to the ordinance.

Because the taxes paid by the businesses in Newark go towards? Not police, evidently. Probably more of those “social services”. You know, the government programs which instill a sense of righteous entitlement. The kind of thinking that leads to believing you’re entitled to the cash in that bodega’s register.

It’s classic “Blame The Victim”. The bars and liquor stores “attract” crime, so it’s their responsibility to do something about it.

And Cory Booker wonders why nobody wants to open a business in Newark. The cops can’t / won’t protect you. And now they’ll bill you for the privilege of being a victim.