The #VRWC Report, internet taxes come to New Jersey and Joe Biden dances for his dinner

If RINOs are Republicans in Name Only, what do we call Conservatives in Name Only? Because we need a new moniker for Chris “Conservative Rock Star” Christie. Real Conservatives don’t impose new taxes, and they damn sure don’t tax the internet. Shame on him.

What is proper role of taxation? It’s an argument which has been brewing since the dawn of our Republic. And it’s one of the few instances where the Founding Fathers may have entrusted too much power to the state.

One day people of Polish descent will look back on Obama’s death camps gaffe and laugh. Today is not that day.

Which doesn’t stop Joe Biden from practicing Smart Diplomacy as only he can.

President Dunsel: What if Obama made a list and nobody cared?

What if History demanded Obama man up? As the Eurozone crisis impacts his re-election campaign we will probably find out.

Chuck Schumer, regulator of barbecue grill brushes. Because they’re a danger! Speaking of danger, I believe it’s been statistically proven that the Most Dangerous Place In America is standing directly between Chuck Schumer and a microphone.

Hollywood’s liberal bias, example #718,212.

The many faces of evil, North Korea edition. Do not take your freedom for granted.

Your tax dollars at play: David Foley returns to the GSA. The bureaucracy protects its own.

Adrienne has a serous case of tractor envy.

The Zell Miller wing of the Republican party keeps growing. These days the Democrats are their own worst enemy.

A 13 year old political cartoonist makes his debut. Kid’s got a bright future.

What’s the difference between Enron and the Obama Administration? Enron’s accounting was more honest.

Nobody tell the neutrinos: SF writers now abjure stories with faster than light travel. I think they need to realign their dilithium crystals. If we can’t Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, what’s the point?

Memorial Day, remembering America’s fallen heroes, like Michelle Obama and Hilda Solis?

Well yeah, because it’ll help Barry get re-elected.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has authorized new posters featuring first lady Michelle Obama to be placed in elevators throughout the Department of Labor headquarters in Washington, D.C.

These new posters feature a large photo of Michelle Obama and a picture of Solis, along with a few choice quotes about Memorial Day.

“In January, First Lady Michelle Obama joined Secretary Solis to announce proposed revisions to the FMLA that will expand military family leave provisions to support caregivers,” the poster reads. “Through our work, we honor our service members, veterans and military families every day.”

The poster then quotes the first lady saying, “We all have an obligation to serve our troops and veterans as well as they’ve served us.”

Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

Atlantic City, where you need armed guards just to buy milk

Atlantic City used to be the vacation capital of New Jersey. Now it’s not safe to stop by for a gallon of milk.

Armed guards are stationed in the first supermarket to open in Atlantic City in six years.

Save-A-Lot opened Thursday in Renaissance Plaza at Atlantic and Kentucky avenues.

Customer Mara Swain tells the newspaper she likes their presence because “Atlantic City’s not the safest place.”

C’mon down, bring lots of cash, the casinos are open!


The #VRWC Report, How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Formerly attractive actress Kate Beckinsale demonstrates why feminists are the sodium chloride of the earth. Because abortion is funny, you misogynist prude.

Coming soon to a car near you: a vibrant color heads-up display. The “missile lock” feature will alas be optional.

Earlier today the “flexibility” meme reached Vice President Biden.

A Long Island hot dog vendor recently ran an interesting special – she’ll supply the bun if you bring the wiener.  

Matt has some fun with comment trolls. To which I can only add this: Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

The Bard of Murdock is back, but always moving Forward.

What do free cell phones, Cloward-Piven, and France have to do with this coming November? More than you’d initially think.

No he won’t: Gary Johnson will win this year. But maybe, he should.

LD Jackson reviews Senator Tom Coburn’s new book: “The Debt Bomb”. Someone should send a copy to Barack Obama.

Not everyone needs to go to college. Yes, really.

Equality. It does not mean what liberals say it means. Which is obvious if you understand math.

You don’t have to be stupid to vote for Obama, but it helps. A lot. And be sure to consult this list before pulling that lever. 

Sentry Journal has a great interview with Patrick Kelly, congressional candidate from Kentucky.

Sometimes we have to bring the fight to them: Conservative Ghettos, Liberal Beachheads.

Finally for today, how would you answer this question: Obama asks, Am I an American? You know, if you have to ask…

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The answer is not just “no”, but “Hell no!”

In a new biography, Obama asks: Am I an American?

Former Washington Post reporter David Maraniss has penned a new biography of Barack Obama, The Early Years. Excerpts were recently published in Vanity Fair.

The excerpt focuses on Obama’s brief time in New York after his graduation from Columbia University. The son of a Kenyan father and an American expatriate mother, Obama emerges as a man questioning whether he viewed himself, or wanted to be viewed by others, as an American. Not in a citizenship sense — Obama was born in the United States and that was that — but in the sense of how he saw the world and wanted to be seen by it.

Obama had a lot of Pakistani friends; Maraniss writes that if Obama and his girlfriend socialized as a couple, “it was almost always with the Pakistanis.” Obama appeared to identify with his friends as fellow non-Americans. “For years when Barack was around them, he seemed to share their attitudes as sophisticated outsiders who looked at politics from an international perspective,” Maraniss writes. “He was one of them, in that sense.”

And yet, he chose not to become president of Pock-ee-stahn?

But Obama was ambitious. Appalled by the “dirty deeds” of “Reagan and his minions” (as he wrote in “Dreams from My Father”), Obama became increasingly interested in, as Maraniss writes, “gaining power in order to change things.” He couldn’t do that as an international guy hanging around with his Pakistani friends; he needed to become an American.

Which he then did, carefully and deliberately. In public.

In private of course, he still views himself as the aloof international outsider, determined to prove his inherent superiority.

At long last, NJ residents can buy wine online

A new law took effect on Tuesday which grants us a right already enjoyed by people in 38 other states. The right to have wine shipped directly to our homes or offices.

Before the law went into effect, neither New Jersey nor out-of-state wineries could ship their bottles directly to customers here unless they did it through a wholesale distributor. The new law cuts out the middle man, allowing wineries to earn more profit per bottle by selling them directly to customers at retail prices.

Is there a catch? Of course there’s a catch. 

It also made available a permit for out-of-state wineries to sell to New Jersey customers. The state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control has gotten calls from interested sellers, said spokesman Zach Hosseini, but no one has filed an application yet.

The Tax Man’s still gotta get his vig.

And we aren’t free to buy as much as we want, just like with guns, there’s a one-case-a-month limit.

There’s also a 12-case, or 144-bottle, limit on shipments residents can receive per year.

Because the nanny-staters know what’s best for us.