When they tell you they need to raise taxes to pay for teachers and cops and firemen…

Don’t be fooled. It’s really for stuff like this:

Head Of Fed Dept Wasted Thousands In SUV Rental For Three Block Drive

A federal audit obtained by Channel 2 Action News reveals the head of a federal government agency used tax money to lease a pricy SUV and a driver to avoid a three-block walk in Washington, D.C. The Federal Maritime Commission spent more than $1,600 a month for a 2011 Chevy Tahoe, fully loaded with leather seats and GPS. The agency also spent up to $75 an hour for a staff member to drive the vehicle in the nation’s capital. According to paperwork reviewed Channel 2’s Scott MacFarlane, at least 105 of the trips made with the vehicle were used to shuttle the agency’s chairman, Richard Lidinsky, a short distance from his office to a nearby train station. Walking between the two points could take less than 10 minutes.

We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.

The Obama Administration is living in, and selling, a fiction

And the best part is, this essay is from a Left-Wing hipster blog.

You can’t solve America’s fiscal crisis by increasing taxes on the rich. That Obama continues to insist on this course reveals his true intent: a permanently larger government controlling the economy, and a diminished private sector. Kind of like Europe.

In Obama’s world, government is the source of jobs and economic growth. Government is a capital provider—preferably, the main one, with private banks operating under strict government supervision as regulated utilities (by the way, the government’s plan for the eight largest banks, released quietly last week, actually uses the words “regulated utility model” to describe the intended regulatory framework).

Government tells people what to do, and what not to do. Government is the great leveler. All will be equal in their access to goods and services in the Obama utopian government-run world.

Just like France.

Obama can’t explain how it’s paid for, though. He probably doesn’t understand that anyway. All he knows is that after the banquet he is throwing, “the rich” will be presented with the bill. They’ll be “asked” to pay it, but they won’t really have any choice. They won’t have enough money, either, because the bill is larger than their annual income, by a considerable amount.

Goodbye America. Hello USSR.

Congratulations Unionistas! You put Hostess out of business. I hope you choke on your food stamps.

They wouldn’t accept an 8% pay cut. So now their pay cut is 100%.


Hostess filed for liquidation. No more Twinkies. No more fruit pies. No more Ding Dongs. And no more jobs for 18,500 people.

But it’s also another 18,500 Obamabots who are now totally dependent on the munificence of Dear Leader, so there’s that.


Unions suck.

Prayers for two fine bloggers

Sad news tonight. Amusing Bunni, a stalwart friend of the blogophere, a warrior for all that is right and just, is dying. She’s got terminal liver cancer. Doctors say 3 to 6 months, tops. Zilla is collecting donations on her behalf

She needs other things as well, including our love, prayers, and support. Bunni is in the Chicago area so if there is a blogger reading this in or near that region, she would like to talk with you. She’s going to need help finding resources for assistance quickly, so if you are familiar with charitable organizations in her area, please let her know about them or let me know and I’ll pass the information along. Bunni lives with her adorable cat (the one in all those delightful videos) and we are going to need to help her make arrangements for Kittenkins’ care when that becomes necessary.

Always prayers, of course. Send prayers. Please.

Also I’ve learned that Steven den Beste has suffered what he calls a “mild” stroke. Don’t know the prognosis yet, and he’s already headed to rehab, but again prayers are always needed.

I could say something here about how Obamacare was supposed to obviate the need for begathons on behalf of our friends. Universal Health Care cures all!

Except that’d be tacky. So we rally the troops instead. Because that’s what people who really care always do. 

Well, now we know why traffic is always so screwed up…

Crazy women drivers!

Road reversal: More women have driver’s licenses than men in U.S.

Women have passed men on the nation’s roads. More women than men now have driver’s licenses, a reversal of a longtime gender gap behind the wheel that transportation researchers say is likely to have safety and economic implications.

If current trends continue, the gap will only widen. The share of teens and young adults of both sexes with driver’s licenses is declining, but the decline is greater for young men, according to a study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. The study looked at gender trends in driver’s licenses between 1995 and 2010.

“The changing gender demographics will have major implications on the extent and nature of vehicle demand, energy consumption, and road safety,” predicted Michael Sivak, co-author of the study.

That highway’s not jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power drive…