Newark Airport touts new “free” WiFi plan

You’ll notice “free” is in quotes. Because, of course, it’s not really free.

They’re going to sport you a generous thirty minutes of free WiFi.

After that it’s $5 bucks an hour. I guess that’s an improvement over making you pay $5 bucks an hour from the get-go, which is what they do now.

But it sure as hell ain’t “free.”

How convenient, White House announces capture of Benghazi attack suspect

Look, Squirrel!

A suspected terrorist linked to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans has been captured inside Libya by U.S. forces and currently is en route to the United States, Fox News has learned.

Sources told Fox News that the suspect, Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala, was captured Sunday during a joint U.S. military and law enforcement operation, and will face prosecution in the United States.

President Obama signed off on the mission on Friday night, Fox News is told. Khattala was captured south of Benghazi by U.S. special operators and is on his way to the U.S. aboard a Navy ship.

Also on Friday night, the IRS claimed it “lost” emails from 6 more key officials involved in the Lois Lerner scandal.

Purely coincidentally, I’m sure.

And Obama’s disastrous withdrawal from Iraq has also been in the news recently, much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton’s publicist.

Then there’s the ongoing VA scandal which shows no signs of dissipating any time soon.

So, color me cynical, but it sure seems like a good time to divert our attention. And trot out what his sycophantic media will call a nice finish to the Benghazi issue and a “win” for their president.

Because, really, he’s never tried that tactic before, right?


No repercussions after White House leaked undercover CIA official’s name to the press

Remember when all of official Washington went berserk because Scooter Libby didn’t actually “out” Valerie Plame but Tim Russert said he did?

And she was a desk jockey.

Last month some idiot at the White House gave away the name of our CIA Station Chief in Kabul. It took a reporter from the Washington Post to point out their incompetence.

And after that? Crickets. Because the media couldn’t pin the disclosure on George Bush, or any Republican, so they didn’t care.

Now we learn that no one will get fired. And no one will be held accountable. Nor will we ever learn the name of the aforementioned idiot.

Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced the results of an investigation into the incident conducted by White House Counsel Neil Eggleston ahead of a fundraiser attended by the president in Massachusetts Wednesday evening. Earnest said Eggleston briefed White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the results of the investigation Tuesday. The president was also informed of the investigation’s findings Tuesday. Eggleston made three recommendations to prevent similar security breaches from occurring in the future.

Earnest described the leak of the CIA station chief’s name as “inadvertent.” He said no officials were disciplined or fired.

Accountability? Nah, they don’t need that.

Somewhere, Richard Armitage is smiling.