Obama cedes The Sudetenland, promises Putin “peace in our time”

After the election, of course. He’ll have “flexibility.” To sell out Poland. Again.

The media reports this as if it were a gaffe–just like they did the last time Obama’s mic was on and he trashed Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu to French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Selling out our national security and that of our allies isn’t a gaffe. The fallout from this should reverberate until the election. A President who tells an enemy–yes, Virginia, the Russians are not our friends–just hold on a bit, and I’ll keep the favors flowing needs not be President for that reason alone.

Treason. Giving aid and comfort to our enemies used to be treason. Now it’s a Democratic Party platform plank.

Suck it econuts, Spectra Energy clears major hurdle for NJ-NY natural gas pipeline

Well whaddaya know, sanity from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Spectra Energy cleared an environmental hurdle in its plan to build a $1.2 billion pipeline that would bring natural gas from New Jersey to Manhattan.

Building and operating the approximately 16-mile (26- kilometer) project would have a “less-than-significant” environmental impact with mitigation measures in place, staff of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said in a report issued today.

“Less-than significant” is of course bureaucrat-speak for “you’ll never notice it.” Because until Barry figures out how to turn algae and pixie dust into energy we’ll need fossil fuels, and really, who’s gonna wait around for him anyway?

Dysfunctional government: Trenton, NJ is out of toilet paper, and can’t agree to buy more

Government buildings in Trenton, NJ are out of toilet paper. But the city council refuses to authorize purchasing more.

The city’s toilet paper crisis intensified yesterday, with supplies nearly gone and no sign they will be replenished soon. Officials now say the city could face state intervention if bathroom dispensers are left empty, and that action may involve building closures if health standards are not met.

The stocks have dwindled as the council quarreled with Mayor Tony Mack’s administration over a contract that would resupply the paper products for a year.

Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers in the city senior centers, police department, fire department, museum, water filtration plant and City Hall itself likely won’t last through the week.

Quick. Name the political party to which Mayor Mack and his city council all belong.

Maybe they’re waiting for Obama to mandate that health insurers provide toilet paper for free.

Thanks Elizabeth Warren – Wells Fargo eliminates free checking in New Jersey

Before Elizabeth Warren was a candidate for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts or Godmother to #OccupyMomsBasement she begat the Dodd-Frank Consumer Financial Protection Board. Except it ought to be renamed the Moron Protection Board. Because that’s what it essentially does. Protects morons. Morons who can’t read their mortgage contracts. And morons who can’t balance their checkbooks.

The latter group used to be a lucrative source of fee income to banks. Everytime some moron swiped his debit card for a $4.50 Starbucks latte with only 75 cents in his account, cha-ching!, he got hit with an overdraft fee.

Elizabeth Warren decided that was “unfair.” Busy slackers can’t be bogged down balancing their checking accounts! Those fees were unreasonable!

So guess what? Now everybody pays fees. Free checking has gone the way of the dodo bird. Wells Fargo is now charging everyone a $7 monthly fee. Even the “good” customers who never bounced a check or swiped their debit cards on insufficient funds.

Bank of America and Chase are expected to follow suit.

See, that’s the essence of Socialism. Everyone shares the pain. Instead of the people who cause the problems paying the fees, now everyone pays. It fulfils the Obamunists’ sense of egalitarianism. But it’s only “fair” if you’re a moron.