998 Cans of Beer in the Frat, 998 cans of beer…

Take one down, pass it around, Holy Cow the cops are here!

Approximately 100 individuals face charges following a raid on a Rowan University fraternity house in which nearly 42 cases of beer were seized, police said today.

The late Thursday night operation was part of a planned sting conducted by borough police and Rowan University public safety based on information that the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity chapter here was selling alcohol both without a license and to individuals who are under the state’s minimum drinking age of 21, said Joe Cordona, university spokesman.

During a five-hour period, police:

• seized 998 cans of beer and an unspecified amount of cash.

• charged seven people with underage possession of alcohol.

• charged six with obstruction of justice.

• accused two of providing false information to authorities.

• charged one individual with sale of alcoholic beverages without a license.

• took two juveniles into custody for their “safety” due to their level of intoxication.

Who’da thunk it, beer at a frat party!

OnStar: Wherever you go, it tells the government where you are

Even if you cancel the service OnStar keeps tracking your car, in real time.

Navigation-and-emergency-services company OnStar is notifying its six million account holders that it will keep a complete accounting of the speed and location of OnStar-equipped vehicles, even for drivers who discontinue monthly service.

And they make no bones about why – they sell that data to anyone who wants it.

“We hear from organizations periodically requesting our information,” he said.

He said an example of how the data might be used would be for the Michigan Department of Transportation “to get a feel for traffic usage on a specific section of freeway.” The policy also allows the data to be used for marketing purposes by OnStar and vehicle manufacturers.

Your speeding ticket is in the mail:

Collecting location and speed data via GPS might also create a treasure trove of data that could be used in criminal and civil cases. One could also imagine an eager police chief acquiring the data to issue speeding tickets en masse.

OnStar says they won’t track your car if you ask them not to. Uh huh. Sure.


The NFL steals a page from the TSA playbook

Are you ready for a patdown?

The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety. 

Under the new “enhanced” pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from the ankles to the knees as well as the waist up. Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up while looking for booze, weapons or other banned items.

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “touchdown,” eh? I think I’ll throw a flag for illegal use of the hands. And watch the games on TV.



Ron Paul blames U.S. policy for 9/11, demands return of The Sudetenland

During last night's GOP debate Ron Paul cranked his crackpot meter past 11…

He goes off the rails so badly that he becomes the weird grand uncle of whom family members wonder if he eats his own excrement when they're not looking.

The crowd of Tea Partiers, usually chock-full of Paulbots, booed him mercilessly. 

Newt: “People ask if I’m still running.”

If Newt Gingrich’s campaign were on life support that would be an improvement. He’s so far off the radar people are surprised he’s still even running.

“I have people tell me on a regular basis, ‘Gee, are you still running?’” he said, responding to a question from a dispirited supporter asking why the campaign was faring so poorly.

Me? I’m surprised that anyone cares if he’s still running.

Governor Asterisk soon to be even less than a footnote

Jon Huntsman’s presidential aspirations are on life support.

Jon Huntsman, lagging in the polls and apparently low on money, is again shuffling his organization and moving resources from Florida to New Hampshire.

[A] source said Huntsman is “running on fumes” and that the candidate had to put $500,000 of his money into the campaign recently to help make payroll.

It’s only a matter of time before he climbs back under the Obama-loving rock from which his cheerleaders in the MSM extracted him for their amusement.