Michelle Obama: You can’t buy potatoes with food stamps, unless it’s at a strip club

Mooch says ixnay on the spuds-ay:

Right now, the House of Representatives is considering a bill to override science by mandating that white potatoes be included on the list of foods that women can purchase using WIC dollars. Now, there is nothing wrong with potatoes. The problem is that many women and children already consume enough potatoes and not enough of the nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables they need. That’s why the Institute of Medicine — the nonpartisan, scientific body that advises on the standards for WIC — has said that potatoes should not be part of the WIC program.

If you like potatoes, you’re anti-science!

But if you’re using your food stamps to buy lap dances, that’s still OK. Because it must count as “exercise,” or something.

Corrupt Democrat ex-Trenton mayor Tony Mack sentenced to 4 years 10 months in prison

Of course, nowhere in the NJ.com story does the word “Democrat” appear.

Former Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was sentenced to nearly 5 years in federal prison today for corruption during his tumultuous times as mayor of New Jersey’s capital city.

Mack, who was elected in 2010, was convicted in February on six counts including extortion, bribery, wire fraud and mail fraud for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes from federal informants posing as parking garage developers who were looking to build on a plot of city-owned land downtown.

But he spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to put a bust of Dear Leader in Trenton City Hall, so we know his heart is in the right place.


Finally! An accomplishment Hillary Clinton supporters can be proud of.

She put an innocent man in jail.

It should send chills up the spine of every American that an innocent man was sent to jail for making a film that offended Muslims. It should send chills up the spine of every American that an innocent man was made a political prisoner in America to save the President’s re-election prospects.

Hillary Clinton told Charles Woods, father of Navy SEAL and Benghazi hero Tyrone Woods, “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested.”

It’s not a crime to “offend” Muslims. Is it?

But it sure is a crime to endanger Obama’s re-election prospects!

So, the next time someone asks Hillary about her “accomplishments,” she won’t have to be stumped.

Her Marxist mentors would be so proud!