Father Knows Best, ABC’s “The Bachelor” is no match for a good Christian dad

Finally, a father who loves his daugher enough to tell her “no.” On a “reality TV” show no less.

Bachelor Ben Flajnik took fan favorite Kacie Boguskie to her hometown this week. And after Kacie’s dad took one look at Ben and the whole contrived slut-fest ABC puts on, he said “get lost.”

Kacie’s father takes Ben aside and asks a favor.  If Ben knows he’s to end up with a different woman, please end it soon to avoid more emotional damage.

Ben didn’t know what hit him. At the end of the show Kacie was left to cry in “the limousine of shame.” Because of course Ben didn’t give her a rose. How could some schmuck who needs to go on TV to get a date ever expect to earn Mr. Boguskie’s respect? There’s no future for him with Kacie.

And dads everywhere, Real Dads anyway, applauded.

Now joining Obama’s Cabinet – the Secretary of Illegal Immigrants

Andrew Lorenz-Strait is now the official White House advocate for the “concerns” of illegal aliens.

Yes, even the murderous, criminal ones. They have a friend in Barack Obama.

Presumably the position arose out of the need for the White House to keep intervening with INS on behalf of Obama’s various “undocumented” relatives. He figured what the hey, what’s good for Uncle Omar and Auntie Zeituni is gotta be good for sucking up a few more votes from the Aztlan-R-Us crowd.

And if you think about it, hiring this guy does mean that Barry did in fact create a job this week, so I assume Jay Carney will spin that angle for all its worth. Pandering to illegal aliens, it’s good for America!

The State of California can’t wait to cash in on Facebook’s IPO

I bet you thought the big winners from Facebook’s IPO would be Mark Zuckerberg and his top lieutenants. Hah! Their individual hauls are gonna be peanuts compared to what the State of California expects to collect in taxes on the newly minted millionaires’ windfalls.

Google’s IPO saw a $7 Billion influx of cash into California’s coffers. California’s politicians promptly spent $9.5 billion of it. If you’re thinking that the math there doesn’t exactly work out right, you’re not alone. But you’re also not a Democrat.

Facebook’s IPO promises to be bigger.

And California is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. They’ll be out of cash by mid-March.

Unless they borrow against future tax revenues, predicated on Facebook’s IPO.

Already, interest groups and lobbyists are forming thick droves around state legislators, even when they go to the bathroom, to urge them to fund worthwhile programs and ridiculous boondoggles alike. After years of unpopular, nay detested budget cuts, pressures are immense from all sides to shovel money this way and that way before any of it has even arrived and plow it not only into one-time projects, but into ongoing programs that will then run out of money.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who says raising taxes is the only way to cure our national deficit. For every dollar of new revenue the government will find a way to spend $1.50. Deficit reduction is for suckers.