Obamabot schmucks fall for fake free electricity from the government scam

Barry said our electric bills would “necessarily” skyrocket. He didn’t say he’d help you pay for it!

Even if your friend sends you a text message saying Obama’s paying her electric bill.

As much as President Barack Obama wants your vote, he’s not actually offering to pay your monthly bills.

But thousands of Americans have been persuaded otherwise, falling victim to a fast-moving scam that claims to be part of an Obama administration program to help pay utility bills in the midst of a scorching summer.

The scheme spread quickly across the nation in recent weeks with help from victims who unwittingly shared it on social media sites before realizing they had been conned out of personal information such as Social Security, credit card and checking account numbers.

Obamabots will believe anything!

Taneisha Morris’ sister was drawn into the hoax after a friend received a text promising federal assistance with her bills. The sister sent the information to Morris, a Detroit woman who is unemployed after losing her job as a manager at a KFC restaurant.

Morris quickly took advantage, providing her Social Security number and asking for $187 toward her DirecTV bill and $800 toward what she owed DTE Energy, a Michigan utility.

“It was very disappointing to me,” Morris said Thursday after learning she had been deceived. “They shouldn’t do that to people. I just lost my job in February, so it’s very hard for me to come up with extra money.”

P.T. Barnum, please call your office.



Send this young lady to a re-education camp!

A reader wrote in to Instapundit:

“Glenn, my 29 year-old daughter, who has no medical insurance, badly cut her hand a short time ago. She had to go to the emergency room to have it cleaned and stitched. And, who paid for the medical expense? Why, she did! Interesting concept, that.”

To which the good professor responded:

Is that allowed?

No. Absolutely not. Send her to re-education camp (or the nearest university) asap.

If word of this heresy gets out, who knows where it might lead.

How the Euroweenies micromanage your garbage

My wife’s cousin is stationed in Germany. His wife posted this article on recycling laws to Facebook.

A sampling:

Each municipality will also do their household trash differently.  I’ve lived in a German community where we could not even mix our kitchen scraps (food both cooked and raw) with ANYTHING!  I couldn’t even wrap that stuff up in newspaper and ended up trying to use the compost heap in the backyard of our rented home for most things and then dumping the rest into the stinkiest and largest trashcan I have ever seen, even to this day.  This huge plastic can on wheels was only supposed to be used for such stuff.  I suspect they took that stuff to the pigs for their dinner.  I don’t know…


And I guess people don’t travel, or they carrry their trash back home with them.

I’ve often noticed a few times, if you take beer bottles from a certain region in Germany and try to return them in another region, the bottles may not be accepted. 

Clearly the bozos in Brussels have too much time on their hands.