If only we had a government agency dedicated to putting stuff into orbit

I suppose if NASA wasn’t so focused on the critical national security problem of Muslim Outreach they might have some spare time in which to launch some badly needed communications satellites. Then maybe the boys at the Pentagon wouldn’t have to buy bandwidth from the Chinese.

The Pentagon is so starved for bandwidth that it’s paying a Chinese satellite firm to help it communicate and share data.

U.S. troops operating on the African continent are now using the recently-launched Apstar-7 satellite to keep in touch and share information. And the $10 million, one-year deal lease — publicly unveiled late last week during an ordinarily-sleepy Capitol Hill subcommittee hearing — has put American politicians and policy-makers in bit of a bind. Over the last several years, the U.S. government has publicly and loudly expressed its concern that too much sensitive American data passes through Chinese electronics — and that those electronics could be sieves for Beijing’s intelligence services. But the Pentagon says it has no other choice than to use the Chinese satellite. The need for bandwidth is that great, and no other satellite firm provides the continent-wide coverage that the military requires.

Really, what could go wrong if we’re routing critical military communications via Beijing? It’s not like they aren’t actively spying on us, right?

(h/t Instapundit)

That was easy!

My first WordPress blog. Not the first time I’ve used WordPress, but the first time I set up my own blog. Yay me!

Here lies the imported posts from my Posterous blog. Twitter bought Posterous, and killed it. Luckily they provided an export feature, and WordPress has an import Posterous widget. So my words of wisdom will live on.

And I can add new stuff. You know I’ll add new stuff, right?

Because I really am pretty fly for a Jersey guy.