Father Knows Best, ABC’s “The Bachelor” is no match for a good Christian dad

Finally, a father who loves his daugher enough to tell her “no.” On a “reality TV” show no less.

Bachelor Ben Flajnik took fan favorite Kacie Boguskie to her hometown this week. And after Kacie’s dad took one look at Ben and the whole contrived slut-fest ABC puts on, he said “get lost.”

Kacie’s father takes Ben aside and asks a favor.  If Ben knows he’s to end up with a different woman, please end it soon to avoid more emotional damage.

Ben didn’t know what hit him. At the end of the show Kacie was left to cry in “the limousine of shame.” Because of course Ben didn’t give her a rose. How could some schmuck who needs to go on TV to get a date ever expect to earn Mr. Boguskie’s respect? There’s no future for him with Kacie.

And dads everywhere, Real Dads anyway, applauded.

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