No wonder Obama’s credit card was declined

He’s got a stack of unpaid bills sitting on his desk that he “forgot” about.

“One of the nice things about being home is actually that it’s a little bit like a time capsule. Because Michelle and I and the kids, we left so quickly that there’s still junk on my desk, including some unpaid bills (laughter) — I think eventually they got paid — but they’re sort of stacked up. And messages, newspapers and all kinds of stuff.”

And then the White House decide to “forget” that he mentioned them.

But that transcript is different than the official White House version, which deletes the “unpaid bills” part:

“there’s still junk on my desk, including some — newspapers and all kinds of stuff.​”

The discrepancy was noticed by the White House pool reporters, and the correct transcript disseminated by them.

Here’s a pro-tip Champ. If you don’t pay your bills, your credit card gets declined.

“I was trying to explain to the waitress `No, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills.”‘

Which, of course, turns out to be a lie.

Everything Obama says is a lie. Including “and” and “the.”

No repercussions after White House leaked undercover CIA official’s name to the press

Remember when all of official Washington went berserk because Scooter Libby didn’t actually “out” Valerie Plame but Tim Russert said he did?

And she was a desk jockey.

Last month some idiot at the White House gave away the name of our CIA Station Chief in Kabul. It took a reporter from the Washington Post to point out their incompetence.

And after that? Crickets. Because the media couldn’t pin the disclosure on George Bush, or any Republican, so they didn’t care.

Now we learn that no one will get fired. And no one will be held accountable. Nor will we ever learn the name of the aforementioned idiot.

Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced the results of an investigation into the incident conducted by White House Counsel Neil Eggleston ahead of a fundraiser attended by the president in Massachusetts Wednesday evening. Earnest said Eggleston briefed White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the results of the investigation Tuesday. The president was also informed of the investigation’s findings Tuesday. Eggleston made three recommendations to prevent similar security breaches from occurring in the future.

Earnest described the leak of the CIA station chief’s name as “inadvertent.” He said no officials were disciplined or fired.

Accountability? Nah, they don’t need that.

Somewhere, Richard Armitage is smiling.

Obama as Nixon: White House and IRS traded confidential taxpayer info to attack Tea Party groups

Anything to win an election, right?

Top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials, according to 2012 emails… Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, also received an email alongside White House officials that contained confidential information.

Ingram attempted to counsel the White House on a lawsuit from religious organizations opposing Obamacare’s contraception mandate. Email exchanges involving Ingram and White House officials — including White House health policy advisor Ellen Montz and deputy assistant to the president for health policy Jeanne Lambrew — contained confidential taxpayer information, according to Oversight.

Remember when using the IRS for political gain was considered an impeachable offense?

What’s the over / under on when Obama is forced to say, “I am not a crook”?

What Sequester? Inside Obama’s $100 million African vacation extravaganza

Remember when there was no money to keep the White House open for tours? Yeah, me neither.

Not only is this the most expensive trip in presidential history (mentioned at the :40 second marker of below video), but also note that the video discusses all the cargo planes (accompanying Obama) as well as an interesting detail in which military jets will be doing a fly-over 24/7. Typically military jets are available and only fly-over when needed. But Obama wants 24/7 fly-over coverage.

And Dear Leader doesn’t travel light.

Hundreds of U.S. Secret Service agents will be dispatched to secure facilities in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship, with a fully staffed medical trauma center, will be stationed offshore in case of an emergency.

Military cargo planes will airlift in 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with sheets of bulletproof glass to cover the windows of the hotels where the first family will stay. Fighter jets will fly in shifts, giving 24-hour coverage over the president’s airspace, so they can intervene quickly if an errant plane gets too close. […]

No word on whether or not he’ll visit his impoverished half-brother in Kenya. But I doubt it. The Obamas have no interest in how the other half lives.