Prayers for two fine bloggers

Sad news tonight. Amusing Bunni, a stalwart friend of the blogophere, a warrior for all that is right and just, is dying. She’s got terminal liver cancer. Doctors say 3 to 6 months, tops. Zilla is collecting donations on her behalf

She needs other things as well, including our love, prayers, and support. Bunni is in the Chicago area so if there is a blogger reading this in or near that region, she would like to talk with you. She’s going to need help finding resources for assistance quickly, so if you are familiar with charitable organizations in her area, please let her know about them or let me know and I’ll pass the information along. Bunni lives with her adorable cat (the one in all those delightful videos) and we are going to need to help her make arrangements for Kittenkins’ care when that becomes necessary.

Always prayers, of course. Send prayers. Please.

Also I’ve learned that Steven den Beste has suffered what he calls a “mild” stroke. Don’t know the prognosis yet, and he’s already headed to rehab, but again prayers are always needed.

I could say something here about how Obamacare was supposed to obviate the need for begathons on behalf of our friends. Universal Health Care cures all!

Except that’d be tacky. So we rally the troops instead. Because that’s what people who really care always do. 

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