Anonymous? Not any more!

The FBI always gets their man. Always.

The FBI executed search warrants at the New York homes of three suspected members of notorious hacking group Anonymous early Tuesday morning, has learned.

More than 10 FBI agents arrived at the Baldwin, N.Y., home of Giordani Jordan at 6:00 a.m.EST with a search warrant for computers and computer-related accessories, removing at least one laptop from the premises.

The agents spent an hour and 40 minutes at Jordan’s house; other agents investigated a second Long Island, N.Y., home and one in Brooklyn, N.Y., sources told

Jordan’s system was identified as allegedly being used in a coordinated distributed denial of service attack against several companies, a law enforcement official told

When you aid and abet traitors it’s only a matter of time before the Feds buy you a one-way ticket to Leavenworth.

Lock these jerks up and throw away the key.


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