Chris Christie’s RINO-licious day

Does anyone here still think Chris Christie is presidential material?

Really? Haven’t you been paying attention? Because if today is any indication, the left may demonize him as a “conservative extremist,” but trust me, he doesn’t fit the mold. Not one bit.

He took his lovefest with the Obamas to a whole new level by snagging the coveted seat at the right hand of Queen Michelle during Sunday’s Governor’s Ball.

Right after that he changed his tune on Obamacare, singing its praises.

And for the piece de resistance, he presented a record $32.9 billion state budget proposal today. A budget that increases spending by 4% over last year. That’s double the spending increase permitted by his signature 2% cap, The very same cap he imposed on cities, towns, counties, and school districts, but somehow is inapplicable to himself.

Does Chris Christie have principles? Sure. And if you don’t like them, he has others.

Trust me, if Chris Christie is a “conservative,” I’m a monkey’s uncle.

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