Let’s not make a dope deal: Montclair Medical Marijuana dispensary can’t keep up with demand

They’re the only game in town if you want your legal “medical” marijuana. They’ve got 645 “patients.” And the wait for a hit is measured in weeks.

Medical marijuana patients are finding there’s a long wait to get their first legal pot from New Jersey’s only open licensed dispensary.

Patients tell The Record that waits can be from several weeks to a few months at Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair.

Dispensary president Joe Stevens says he expected 300 patients per year initially.

But because no other dispensaries in the state are open yet, it has 645 registered patients and counting.

Now let me see if I’ve got this straight. They sell one product. You hand them cash, they hand you the bud. What’s that take, a minute? Two? If CVS spent weeks to fill 645 prescriptions they’d be out of business. So what’s the holdup? Are the clerks sampling the merchandise?

Here’s some advice Joe. Go find the kid selling dope down in Lackawanna Plaza. Hire him. Trust me, he’s fast, and he knows his product.


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