Uh oh, if Barry’s Sequester goes thru, he’ll impose air traffic delays

Those upcoming government spending cuts were totally Dear Leader’s idea.

Buried in the fine print? Airport delays.

Or so he says. Who knows?

It’s like Jon Corzine’s annual “close the beaches” ruse. Every year on July 1st Corzine would cut “non-essential” services if he hadn’t reached a tax-hiking budget agreement with the state legislature. First up on his list of “non-essential” items? Beaches and parks. On the Fourth of July.

Because people screaming for their summer vacations was better than anything he could have said.

The legislature folded like a cheap lawn chair. They raised taxes, and Corzine re-opened the beaches.

So here’s Barry, playing the same game.

If he can’t raise taxes you’ll miss your flight.

It’s almost like there is absolutely no waste, fraud, or abuse in any federal department.

Well, except for the union rep on the taxpayer payroll.

What’s that? You hadn’t heard?

‘Tis true. Every federal department, agency, bureau, and commission has staffers who are 100% union reps. On the public payroll. Their job? File grievances, submit benefits paperwork, recruit more unionistas. Your tax dollars pay their salaries.

Dear Leader could cut them, and tell the union to pay their own damn way.

Or, he can ruin your vacation.

Guess which option he picked?


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