NJ Dems (temporarily) backtrack on in-state tuition for illegal aliens

Because it might hurt their chances of keeping the state legislature in November.

A bill to allow students living in the country illegally to pay in-state tuition at the state’s public colleges and universities has stalled amid political concerns and technical issues.

The Tuition Equality Act (A4225) was initially included on the list of bills to be voted on by the full Assembly today, after it was approved last week by the budget committee. But on Friday afternoon, it was quietly removed from the agenda.

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), the bill’s sponsor, said that was partly because of Democratic members’ concerns about the legislation.

“Sometimes politics overtakes what our Democratic values are – that’s just the way it is,” Johnson said. “I’m a little upset about it but I understand the global picture. If holding off on this bill will better the chances of my colleagues getting back their seats in the Senate and Assembly, I understand that.”

But don’t worry La Raza, they have every intention of ramming this shit sandwich through during the year-end lame-duck session.

Johnson said he will try again to get it through the Legislature in the fall, possibly after the November election.

“Now we’re going to try to get it done when we come back, I guess in lame duck,” he said.

Principles are fungible, temporarily anyway.

Ben Bernanke laughs at the high cost of college

The Fed Chairman turned late-night comic delivered Princeton’s commencement address today. And the laugh lines were … interesting.

Bernanke kidded the graduates’ parents about the financial strains of children to Princeton. He said someone who had sent three children to the Ivy League school once told him that financially, it was like “buying a new Cadillac every year and then driving it off a cliff.”

A Princeton education – no residual value!

But you probably already knew that.

On the other hand, mom and dad still expect you to get a job. Sorry, but you can’t vote for Obama again no matter how much free stuff you think you’re entitled to.