Hey Tom Moran, thanks for deleting my comments at NJ.com

I’m gonna come clean. My NJ.com “handle” is Overtaxed15. You can see I’m an active commenter at their site (I’d provide a link, but their new comment system doesn’t allow that). Except, I’m way more active than they give me credit for, because the vast majority of my comments end up in /dev/null.

It’s not that I’m rude. Or crude. Or obnoxious (well, *sometimes*…) Nope. It’s just that I don’t toe the ultra-progressive line. And I call hypocrisy when I see it. That’s a cardinal sin at Tom Moran’s Star-Ledger, and my comments can’t stand.

Take Tommie The Commie’s latest editorial. (Please!) In it he laments Bob Menendez’s ethical lapses, but says Bob Hugin (the GOP challenger) is far worse. As if. Bob Hugin took bribes, or consorted with underage prostitutes. But Menendez is a Democrat, and so Moran and the Star-Ledger must defend him, no matter what.

Which is what I said when I wrote:

Shorter Tom Moran: Menendez is a scumbag, but he’s my team’s scumbag.

The inevitable Star-Ledger endorsement editorial kinda flows from there.

Go ahead, tell me what’s “offensive” about that comment.

Nonetheless, it got hit with the dreaded “Content Disabled” tag.

Thanks Tommie.

I’d blame you directly but I hardly believe you police your own comment threads. That job probably falls to a 20-something Womyn’s Studies major with a subscription to The Journolist. It’s a miracle anything I say survives at all!

So Tommie, if you’ve read this far, read on.

I first encountered the Star-Ledger when you guys bought the Newark Evening News. I was a carrier for the News, running out to deliver the paper after school. I guess my dad bought the Ledger every day, but the only paper I remember being in our house was the Daily News (and look at what happened to them). Oh, right, I had to pick up the Racing Form too. Anyway, I switched to delivering the Herald News, because it was the last of the afternoon papers and I’m not really a morning person. Eventually he Herald News got subsumed into the Bergen Record, and well, I got a Real Job. But my newspaper bona fides are there. I remember Friday nights watching my dad and my uncles bowling and having to run to the corner to get the one-star Daily News at 11:30 so they could check the number. I even wrote up little league sports for the Verona Cedar Grove Times. So yeah, like you Tommie, newspapers are in my blood.

Naturally I subscribed to home delivery of the Star-Ledger. Being a former paper boy I tipped real good too. (Honest, you could look it up, if your accounting department keeps track of that sort of thing.) But then Tommie you launched a vendetta against my friend Archbishop Myers. Oh you could’ve disagreed with him conceptually, but no, you had to make it personal. When you invoked the spirit of your dead mother to slander him, that’s when I cancelled my subscription. Dude, c’mon, that was beyond the pale.

But you’re the only game in town and so I lurked around NJ.com. And I created “Overtaxed15,” so I could respond to your left-wing machinations. Under the old comment system my words of wisdom just disappeared, because it’s your sandbox and you don’t like it when people call out your mendacity. But I gotta say, when I coined the name “Tyler Jo Clementi McAllister” that was a stroke of genius, even if almost no one saw it thanks to your censorship.

But with your site’s transition to Viafora it’s now blatantly obvious just how much you censor the comment boards. My stuff regularly gets dinged as “Content Disabled.” But scrolling thru I see far too many reasonable, yet anti-progressive comments grayed out, because they’re disabled too. You guys are determined to maintain an echo chamber, except the pool of sycophants keeps shrinking.

How do I know you’re circling the drain? The ads. Sorry Tommie but I have to access NJ.com with an ad blocker enabled now. I was willing to throw you some click-crumbs, but geez, every damn day I got shanghaied with another Microsoft support scam. Or a You Have Already Won An iPhone scam. Or a Walmart / Amazon gift card scam. Dude, run some reputable ads. You’re worse than the Puffington Host, or Townhall.com.

So if you’ve read this far, here’s some friendly advice. Lighten up. You and Salant need to calm down. Trump is not the anti-Christ. There’s room in New Jersey for people who have diverse views. I know you value “diversity,” you say it all the time. Unfortunately you can’t believe there are actually decent, reasonable, respectable people out there who disagree with you. There’s a word for that — hubris — and you’d do well to ruminate on the implications of your monolithic worldview.

Or not. Keep on keeping on Mr. Moran, and sooner rather than later your newspaper will go tits up. I won’t shed a tear. And frankly I’m glad I don’t contribute one thin dime to your salary, you don’t deserve my money. But when you’re gone the people of New Jersey will wonder what might have been, if only the journalists entrusted with keeping them informed had not chosen to take a side and delight in alienating half of their audience.



Behind the Star-Ledger’s vendetta against Archbishop Myers

Every day for the past several weeks the good old child-protectors at the Star-Ledger have railed against Abp Myers’ handling of a priestly sex abuse case. Day after day they flog the same dead horse. “Politician You Never Heard Of Denounces Myers!” is the typical headline.

But today Tom Moran outdid himself, congratulating people for “standing up” to John Myers and Church hierarchy.

Now let’s admit what’s really going on here.

The Star-Ledger keeps beating this dead horse because they want Abp Myers gone. And why do they want him gone? Because he’s a forceful opponent of their 2 pet causes – abortion and same-sex “marriage.” The continued flogging of these sex-abuse cases is a means to that end. They’re hoping for a more malleable Church leader, one who’ll see the “nuance” of allowing the liberals’ officially sanctioned sins to fester and grow.

It seems like every week now there is another public school teacher in the news for molesting her male students. Yet the Ledger is silent on the epidemic of child abuse in our public schools. Why? Because the public schools are already on the side of abortion and homosexuality, that’s why. See, some child abuse is OK (cough, Erica DePalo, cough) if she is otherwise a good little liberal (you’re not named Teacher of the Year if you’re reading National Review in the breakroom!).

The Catholic Church is all that stands between Tom Moran and Sodom and Gomorrah. He’s determined to impose his heretical worldview on every New Jersey Catholic. And dragging Archbishop Myers through the mud is his weapon of choice. Nevermind that other sins, equally distasteful to the Church, escape Moran’s notice. Or more ominously, enjoy his overwhelming support.

I can only say, when Tom Moran meets The Lord, he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

The Star-Ledger embraces a blood libel

You can always tell when the Star-Ledger Editorial Board is especially proud of one of their screeds. It’s when they don’t link it from the NJ.com home page. The better to avoid adverse commentary, of course.

Their latest blood libel marks another milestone in mendacity. As if that was possible, given their proclivity to miss the forest for the trees. But in this case it’s especially appalling, given that the the circumstances are both tragic and preventable. The facts are simple.

Two-year-old Caroline Sparks was accidentally shot and killed by her brother with a .22-caliber rifle – the “Crickett” – he got for his birthday in November. 

Alas, their conclusion is both facile and abhorrent.

Keystone Sporting Arms of Milton, Pa., sells the Crickett as “My First Rifle.” It’s a child-sized version of an ordinary adult rifle, but it’s also sold in colors – blue for boys, pink for girls. The “Kids Corner” section of the gunmaker’s website features parent testimonials: “Just the right size for my 5- and 7-year-olds.”

Cumberland County, Ky., Coroner Gary White called Caroline’s death “just one of those crazy accidents.” No, it wasn’t.

To call this little girl’s death a “crazy accident” – a stroke of fatally bad luck – is a smokescreen. A company made, marketed and sold this gun deliberately to be fired by young children. It was bought and given to a boy not yet old enough for kindergarten. It was left – loaded – within the child’s reach. The death was accidental. It also was entirely predictable and preventable.

Gun manufacturers have no conscience; that they exploit a kiddie market for guns is further proof. And they’ve claimed their latest victim.

Maybe if we had newspapermen who weren’t such pansies when it comes to guns we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the wanton ravings of the uninformed. Instead we get mental masturbation masquerading as insight, as if the parents of these children bear no responsibility whatsoever.  What idiot leaves a loaded gun lying around?

But there’s the collectivist mindset – responsibility is for chumps, the government is our lord and master, and only laws can instill what used to be called “common sense.”

I wonder how sanguine the Ledger will be when the government starts telling them what they can, and cannot write, for their own good of course. Because the cruft the Star-Ledger puts out poses far more lasting danger to our freedom than a rifle in the hands of a child ever could.