Dick Codey and Loretta Weinberg line up to abolish the First Amendment in New Jersey

NJ Democrats’ hysteria over 3D printed “ghost guns” has reached Full Fascism. Two of our most powerful state senators are contemplating banning the blueprints and software which could be used to create one. Which kinda goes against that whole “freedom of speech” thing, but hey, Guns Are Scary! And Gurbir Grewal and his myriad of lawsuits might not succeed, because Trump!

But Senate Democrats aren’t willing to chance the outcome, and tell NJ Advance Media they plan to introduce at least two pieces of legislation that would seek to ban guns made from such downloadable files in New Jersey.

“We have to use whatever ability we have prevent this from getting into the wrong hands,” said Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Richard Codey, D-Essex, will re-introduce a bill calling for their outright ban for the general population.

“We need to ban them,” said Codey on Tuesday.

New Jersey already makes it impossible for average citizens to legally own a gun, so I’m not sure what their motives are here. Except there’s this:

But Codey said it’s not yet clear if the legislation would ban the final “printed” product or even the downloaded plans.

The question turns on at what point a 3D gun file becomes an actual firearm: When it’s blueprint file is loaded into the printer, or only after it’s finished printing.

“I don’t know,” said Codey. “We’d want to reach a consensus on that issue.”

Now I’ve met Dick Codey. And to say that our former Acting Governor In Waiting For Life is a pompous blowhard would be an understatement of megalomaniacal proportions. But he’s not stupid and he ought to be familiar with the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s pretty clear, you can’t restrict freedom of speech. You can’t stop people from having information. Unless you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of Josef Stalin.

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

The Democrats really do want to create The Peoples Republic of New Jersey, where the government decides what we’re allowed to know.

And sadly our state’s newspapers are on board with this blatant act of censorship and prior restraint. The Star-Ledger’s daily bloviating on the evils of 3D printed guns is already over the top. But to endorse outright censorship of information? From the same people who cheered Daniel Ellsberg leaking the Pentagon Papers? Do they know where that sort of tyranny leads?

They don’t want to know. I mentioned it in a comment on one of their pearl-clutching editorials, something along the lines of “I for one await the day when the Trump Administration uses this newfound power to suppress information to order you not to print a story.” Tom Moran and his fellow travelers deleted that one within 5 minutes of it being posted.

The truth hurts.

Or in this case The Ends Justify The Means. Which is why the Founding Fathers wisely instituted the First and Second Amendments in the first place. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Victor Davis Hanson is right, a second American civil war is coming. May God have mercy on our souls.

Montclair public schools nix Dem gun-grabber Mikie Sherrill’s speech when GOP demands equal time

Montclair Democrat Mikie Sherrill is hoping to replace retiring Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen here in NJ’s 11th district. She’s a far-left loon running on the usual gun-grabbing, tax-hiking, abortion-loving, anti-Trump platform favored by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and of course Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

She’s hooked up with Dick Codey (our former Acting Governor In Waiting For Life) on a tour of local schools where she’s holding “conversations” about “gun violence” with “students.” In other words, campaign rallies, with kids as props, pushing the Moms Demand Action anti-gun agenda.

Caldwell and West Orange already fell for it, but in Montclair of all places the local GOP said “wait a minute, if she gets to speak, so do we.” That’s only fair, right? Equal time, since the primary is only a few weeks away and quite a few of the high school students are over 18 and eligible to vote.

What could be better than presenting both sides of a complex issue that’s currently a big part of our national news? Uh, how about silence. Because the Montclair school district decided to disinvite Sherrill rather than let a Republican speak in favor of the Second Amendment.

On Monday, newly appointed Superintendent Kendra Johnson sent an email to Byrne and the local media, stating that the event on Tuesday with Sherrill was canceled.

The decision was made “pursuant to the recommendation of our board attorney,” Johnson wrote.

Uh huh.

Let me translate her statement for you: We can’t dare let our kids hear from someone who believes in Constitutional Rights. They might learn something!

The Dems are of course screaming “foul,” and calling this a “sad victory” for the GOP. But it wasn’t their idea to cancel Sherrill’s talk, it was the school board’s. Republicans simply wanted a chance to address the same students, and present them with a differing viewpoint. A viewpoint which, alas, is not welcome in the uber-progressive Montclair public schools.

And that my friends is what’s really sad.

Better ingredients, superior firepower, Papa John’s!

Papa Johns is standing by their driver who shot an armed assailant in the face.

Papa John’s Pizza is standing by a pizza delivery woman who opened fire Sunday on an armed robber in an act of self defense.

The pizza franchise told FoxNews.com Thursday the employee, who hasn’t been named, will not be fired from the company.

The employee was making a delivery in Decatur, Ga., Sunday night when a man approached her vehicle, forcing her onto the ground at gunpoint, according to the DeKalb County Police Department. The woman, who had a gun in her pocket, was able to fire at the man while on the ground — striking the alleged assailant, identified as 24-year-old Donquaz Stevenson, in the face.

Stevenson was later found in a neighbor’s yard and arrested, according to police, who said the pizza delivery might have been a setup. Local media outlets reported that a second suspect carjacked the delivery woman’s silver 2000 Honda Accord and remains on the run.

Stevenson was charged with armed robbery and was being treated for a gunshot wound at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

The delivery woman’s mother had told WSB-TV her daughter is worried she may lose her job because she was carrying a firearm at work for protection.

Maybe the next mutt will think twice before trying to rob a Papa John’s driver.

And you know what? Their pizza is pretty good. Their vegetables are really fresh, which means I know where I’m ordering from during Lent. C’mon everyone, support a company that stands behind the Second Amendment.

The Star-Ledger embraces a blood libel

You can always tell when the Star-Ledger Editorial Board is especially proud of one of their screeds. It’s when they don’t link it from the NJ.com home page. The better to avoid adverse commentary, of course.

Their latest blood libel marks another milestone in mendacity. As if that was possible, given their proclivity to miss the forest for the trees. But in this case it’s especially appalling, given that the the circumstances are both tragic and preventable. The facts are simple.

Two-year-old Caroline Sparks was accidentally shot and killed by her brother with a .22-caliber rifle – the “Crickett” – he got for his birthday in November. 

Alas, their conclusion is both facile and abhorrent.

Keystone Sporting Arms of Milton, Pa., sells the Crickett as “My First Rifle.” It’s a child-sized version of an ordinary adult rifle, but it’s also sold in colors – blue for boys, pink for girls. The “Kids Corner” section of the gunmaker’s website features parent testimonials: “Just the right size for my 5- and 7-year-olds.”

Cumberland County, Ky., Coroner Gary White called Caroline’s death “just one of those crazy accidents.” No, it wasn’t.

To call this little girl’s death a “crazy accident” – a stroke of fatally bad luck – is a smokescreen. A company made, marketed and sold this gun deliberately to be fired by young children. It was bought and given to a boy not yet old enough for kindergarten. It was left – loaded – within the child’s reach. The death was accidental. It also was entirely predictable and preventable.

Gun manufacturers have no conscience; that they exploit a kiddie market for guns is further proof. And they’ve claimed their latest victim.

Maybe if we had newspapermen who weren’t such pansies when it comes to guns we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the wanton ravings of the uninformed. Instead we get mental masturbation masquerading as insight, as if the parents of these children bear no responsibility whatsoever.  What idiot leaves a loaded gun lying around?

But there’s the collectivist mindset – responsibility is for chumps, the government is our lord and master, and only laws can instill what used to be called “common sense.”

I wonder how sanguine the Ledger will be when the government starts telling them what they can, and cannot write, for their own good of course. Because the cruft the Star-Ledger puts out poses far more lasting danger to our freedom than a rifle in the hands of a child ever could.

Kid brings a BB gun to school, Montclair fires the Principal?

Something’s fishy about this, even for a zero-tolerance libtard utopia like Montclair, NJ.

Word that the principal of Glenfield in Montclair is no longer in his position. Recently, principal Charles Miller came under fire after a bb gun was taken onto school property, transferred to another student, and handled without proper policy/procedures being followed.

Only 4 days ago, the superintendent of Montclair Schools Dr. Penny MacCormack promised to do a thorough investigation into the incident, and true to her word, the study was completed quickly. Now, Glenfield principal Miller is leaving his post, effective immediately.

Remember when your school had a rifle team?

Now it’s “oooh, scary guns!”

I weep for America.