Newark Airport ranked dead last in holiday season on-time performance

I know, you’re shocked. But it’s true, Newark Airport sucks.

Newark Liberty International Airport ranked last among 25 major U.S. airports in a survey of on-time performance and cancellation rates during the November and December holiday travel season.

Newark’s total of 24,503 delays and 3,210 cancellations out of 97,389 flights during the two months from 2009 through 2013 meant 29 percent of flights were either late or cancelled, according to the survey, conducted by, a personal finance site.

A spokesman for the Port Authority declined comment. Sort of like how nobody at the airport knows when your plane is gonna leave either.

Don’t count on LaGuardia or JFK being better though.

LaGuardia ranked 23rd, with 25 percent of flights cancelled or late, while JFK was 21st, or fifth worst, at 22 percent.

All 3 airports are run by the same gang at the Port Authority. And since they’re the only game in town, where’s the incentive to improve? What are we gonna do, take our business to Milwaukee?

Newark, NJ is the nation’s unfriendliest city for the second year in a row

Well sure, the city that invented carjacking is never gonna be Mayberry RFD. And if you don’t like that, somebody’ll bust a cap in yo azz.

For the second year in a row, Newark was named the unfriendliest city in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler.

The state’s largest city is considered by most as an “airport city” that’s “crowded and overpriced,” the magazine said in its 2014 Readers’ Choice Survey.

Heck, the airport is the nicest part.

Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise Update: 3 murders in 20 hours today

The bodies might not be literally floating in the Passaic River, but they’re still dead.

That makes 4 homicides in 3 days. 77 so far this year.

Where’s Cory? Oh, yeah, he’s busy. Running away from Newark. Hoping you’ll ignore his abysmal record as mayor and promote him to the U.S. Senate.

Here’s a better idea. Let Cory Booker fix Newark first. Then he can run on his achievements. Some day in the future when he, you know, has actual achievements to run on.

Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate! He’s also a mayor, and his record speaks for itself.

Where does Cory Booker live? Maybe he’s bunking with T-Bone!

The New York Post broke the story. And Steve Lonegan is running with it. Cory Booker, the Twitteriffic Mayor of Newark, NJ, may not, in fact, live in Newark.

The house where he says he lives? It’s a police station.

Oh, but he moved.

Two weeks ago.

During the grueling U.S. Senate campaign, while preparing for debates and jetting between New Jersey and Hollywood.

If you can believe that.

First Cory invented an imaginary drug dealer friend named T-Bone.

Now he seems to have invented an imaginary residence in the city he pretends to run.

How do you spell “carpetbagger?”

Because I spell it “C-O-R-Y  B-O-O-K-E-R”.

Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate! He actually lives in New Jersey!

Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise: 9 murders in 9 days

They’re stacking the bodies like cordwood in Newark, NJ.

A woman was killed and another man injured in a double shooting near a playground in Newark’s South Ward Tuesday night, marking the city’s ninth homicide in as many days, prosecutors and neighbors said.

The double shooting continued a surge of gun violence that has left nine dead since Aug. 26, including a pizza delivery man who was shot before his car crashed into a building Sunday night. None of the killings were related, according to Police Director Samuel DeMaio.

Just random violence, in Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise. Where the gun control laws are draconian, the police are out-gunned, the citizenry are hunkered down behind barricaded doors, and the Rock Star Mayor is too busy sucking up to Oprah Winfrey to notice.

I for one can’t wait for him to bring that record of success to the U.S. Senate. Can you?

Cory Booker’s secret tax returns

Those Silicone Valley stock options, they’re “inconvenient” when you’re pretending to be just another little guy. So Cory Booker won’t release his tax returns.

He still won’t show his.

More than two weeks after vowing to release his income-tax returns, Newark Mayor Cory Booker still hasn’t forked them over — even as his GOP Senate rival, Steve Lonegan, shared his.

Lonegan, who exclusively supplied The Post with his last three years of returns last week, contends Booker’s reluctance to be candid about earnings points to using his office for personal gain.

“It’s indicative of the fact that he’s got something to hide,” Lonegan told The Post. “It’s clear to me that Booker leveraged the office of mayor . . . to gain wealth.”

Booker raked in payments from his former law firm — which won lucrative contracts from government entities over which he had influence — even while serving as mayor, The Post first reported on Aug. 11 after combing through financial-disclosure reports Booker was required to file.

The reports don’t require, and didn’t include, how much money Booker’s former law firm, Trenk DiPasquale, gave him from 2007 until 2011. During that time, the firm raked in more than $2 million in fees from local agencies over which Booker has influence. Booker has served as Newark mayor since 2006.

Gee, forget the stock options. This is good old-fashioned graft. Pay to play. The law firm pays Cory. He sends them city contracts. Quid pro quo. Everybody gets rich, and the taxpayers get hosed.

Yeah, I’d want to hide that too. Thing is, I’m not running for U.S. Senate.

Cory Booker is still on his old law firm’s payroll, and he sends them lucrative city contracts

But he “quit” the firm when he got elected mayor to avoid “the appearance of impropriety.”

Five years of “severance pay?” Yeah, that’s “confidential.”

Cory Booker pocketed “confidential” annual payouts from his former law firm while serving as Newark mayor.

Booker, the front-runner in New Jersey’s Senate race, received five checks from the Trenk DiPasquale law firm from 2007 until 2011. During that time, the firm raked in more than $2 million in fees from local agencies over which Booker has influence.

Booker worked at the West Orange firm for five years, leaving in 2006 when he was elected Newark’s mayor to avoid “the appearance of impropriety.”

Since 2007, the firm has raked in at least $1,287,639 in legal fees from Newark’s Housing Authority, $554,663 from a local wastewater agency, and $212,318 from the Newark Watershed, records show.

Soon after becoming mayor, Booker appointed Modia Butler — the head of a nonprofit that he organized, Newark Now — to the authority board. Butler later became board chairman.

Elnardo Webster, a former law partner at the firm — and longtime Booker friend and political adviser — serves as the Watershed’s attorney. Booker served on the Watershed’s board.

In 2008, a company run by relatives of another ex-law partner, Richard Trenk, bought a 5-acre plot from the authority to build a commercial heliplex, The Star-Ledger reported. While Trenk had a $500,000 contract with the authority to work on redevelopment issues, the agency said the lawyer wasn’t involved in the deal with his uncle and two cousins.

Nope, no “appearance of impropriety” there. Just business as usual in Newark.

Corry Booker is Sharpe James with better PR.