Montclair public schools nix Dem gun-grabber Mikie Sherrill’s speech when GOP demands equal time

Montclair Democrat Mikie Sherrill is hoping to replace retiring Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen here in NJ’s 11th district. She’s a far-left loon running on the usual gun-grabbing, tax-hiking, abortion-loving, anti-Trump platform favored by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and of course Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

She’s hooked up with Dick Codey (our former Acting Governor In Waiting For Life) on a tour of local schools where she’s holding “conversations” about “gun violence” with “students.” In other words, campaign rallies, with kids as props, pushing the Moms Demand Action anti-gun agenda.

Caldwell and West Orange already fell for it, but in Montclair of all places the local GOP said “wait a minute, if she gets to speak, so do we.” That’s only fair, right? Equal time, since the primary is only a few weeks away and quite a few of the high school students are over 18 and eligible to vote.

What could be better than presenting both sides of a complex issue that’s currently a big part of our national news? Uh, how about silence. Because the Montclair school district decided to disinvite Sherrill rather than let a Republican speak in favor of the Second Amendment.

On Monday, newly appointed Superintendent Kendra Johnson sent an email to Byrne and the local media, stating that the event on Tuesday with Sherrill was canceled.

The decision was made “pursuant to the recommendation of our board attorney,” Johnson wrote.

Uh huh.

Let me translate her statement for you: We can’t dare let our kids hear from someone who believes in Constitutional Rights. They might learn something!

The Dems are of course screaming “foul,” and calling this a “sad victory” for the GOP. But it wasn’t their idea to cancel Sherrill’s talk, it was the school board’s. Republicans simply wanted a chance to address the same students, and present them with a differing viewpoint. A viewpoint which, alas, is not welcome in the uber-progressive Montclair public schools.

And that my friends is what’s really sad.

Kid brings a BB gun to school, Montclair fires the Principal?

Something’s fishy about this, even for a zero-tolerance libtard utopia like Montclair, NJ.

Word that the principal of Glenfield in Montclair is no longer in his position. Recently, principal Charles Miller came under fire after a bb gun was taken onto school property, transferred to another student, and handled without proper policy/procedures being followed.

Only 4 days ago, the superintendent of Montclair Schools Dr. Penny MacCormack promised to do a thorough investigation into the incident, and true to her word, the study was completed quickly. Now, Glenfield principal Miller is leaving his post, effective immediately.

Remember when your school had a rifle team?

Now it’s “oooh, scary guns!”

I weep for America.