America is dead, long live The Party!

The Party giveth, and the people worship The Party.

The Party beckons, and the press works in lockstep with The Party.

The Party dictates, and the Constitution is no match for The Party.

The Party punishes, and the Congress dares not stand up to The Party.

And so, as The Anchoress adroitly points out, we’re doomed.

Kid brings a BB gun to school, Montclair fires the Principal?

Something’s fishy about this, even for a zero-tolerance libtard utopia like Montclair, NJ.

Word that the principal of Glenfield in Montclair is no longer in his position. Recently, principal Charles Miller came under fire after a bb gun was taken onto school property, transferred to another student, and handled without proper policy/procedures being followed.

Only 4 days ago, the superintendent of Montclair Schools Dr. Penny MacCormack promised to do a thorough investigation into the incident, and true to her word, the study was completed quickly. Now, Glenfield principal Miller is leaving his post, effective immediately.

Remember when your school had a rifle team?

Now it’s “oooh, scary guns!”

I weep for America.