Out: NSA telephone spying. In: NSA internet spying!

Big Brother is everywhere. And as it turns out, a step ahead of those clowns in Congress.

The Obama administration has expanded its warrantless surveillance of Americans’ overseas Internet browsing in an effort to find hackers, The New York Times reported Thursday.

The revelations come from classified National Security Agency documents included in the cache leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The report says the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2012 wrote two secret memos that granted the NSA authority to snoop on Internet cables abroad. The intent was to find information on domestic cyberattacks that originated overseas.

But it’s OK, they’re only spying on foreigners. Except when they weren’t.

According to the Times, the documents show the NSA overstepped its mandate, collecting data on hackers not clearly affiliated with foreign authorities.

Remember when George W. Bush looked at some mutt’s library card and the lefties went bonkers?

Yeah, me neither.

Why do so many Republicans want to subsidize Blue State unionistas?

Because that’s really what the Internet Sales Tax Bill is all about. High tax blue states are fighting for every last dollar. The better to subsidize their public employee unionistas’ pension and health insurance plans.

So why on earth are Senate Republicans aiding their cause?

Just say NO to internet taxes!

Landlines? I have 2, and I can’t remember why

Well, I used to have 3 landlines, so I guess 2 is an improvement.

What set me off is, Instapundit linked a New Yorker cartoon mocking the landline.

There’s lots to mock. Nobody important calls us on the landlines anymore. We’re a family of 3, with 5 phone numbers. Yes, we each have a cell phone, and like I said, anyone important calls us on our cell. When the landlines ring it’s almost always a telemarketer or some other undesirable caller. Unless it’s the pizza guy, who got lost, again. That’s one benefit to the landline, a database lookup at Papa John’s that gives them our address even before they pick up the phone.

Once upon a time the landline was ubiquitous. Ma Bell sent -48VDC down those wires come Hell or high water. The phone always worked. And we used it. A lot.

Then some technodweeb invented FiOS.

When the power goes out, FiOS dies 8 hours later, rendering the landline useless.

Lately it seems like our power goes out every couple of months, for days at a time.

So why am I still paying for 2 landlines?

Inertia, I guess. One’s the “house phone.” Rings in almost every room. We don’t answer it; not without checking Caller ID first. The other is Tammy’s fax line. But the thing is, I can’t remember the last time she sent or received a fax. It rings too. We don’t care. The fax machine answers it. And whoever is calling inevitably hangs up.

OK, you convinced me. Line 2 is a goner. Let me call New Jersey Bell Verizon right now. Oh, wait. They’re not open at night. Somebody remind me tomorrow during business hours. I’ll disconnect it then for sure. If I remember.

The house phone is tied to my Internet bundle though. I can’t disconnect it.


I sure do wish it came with that ubiquitous -48VDC. Then I’d feel good about keeping it. Instead I feel like a schmuck.