Total Information Awareness returns: HHS wants full access to all your social media posts

HHS wants to search your social media. Every tweet. Every Facebook like. Every Instagram picture. For the past 5 years.

Remember Total Information Awareness? That was nothing compared to this.

The Department of Health and Human Services wants full access to all of your social media data to monitor public health issues. Not only do they want current data, the creeps want to be able to go back five years.

Uh huh. “Public health issues.” Riiiight. Like people complaining about Obamacare. That’s their idea of a “public health issue.”

HHS provides a long list of requirements, including “access to real-time social media posts,” and “access to full Twitter firehose.”

The agency requires an archive that goes back at least five years of “full Twitter historical data.” The government will also need “access to multiple account log-ins,” “real-time alerting,” the “ability to construct lengthy Boolean searches,” and a function that can filter search results based on the location of a Twitter user.

Geotagging and real-time search. So they know where to send the storm troopers.

For our own good, of course.

A delay a day keeps Obamacare in play

This time it’s the enrollment deadline for people with pre-existing conditions.

The White House announced Tuesday that it would again extend the Obamacare enrollment deadline for persons with pre-existing conditions.

The deadline for the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP) will be moved to March 15, up from its previous deadline of Jan. 31.

“As part of our continuing effort to help smooth consumers’ transition into Marketplace coverage, we are allowing those covered by PCIP additional time to shop for new coverage while they receive the ongoing care and treatment they need,” Health and Human Services spokeswoman Joanne Peters said in a statement.

The Tuesday announcement is the second time that the Obama administration — without the approval or consent of Congress — has decided to move up the PCIP enrollment deadline. The original deadline was scheduled for the end of December. Of course, the White House decided in December to extend its original deadline because of failure of the online federal health care exchanges.

They keep making up the rules as they go along.

“The new extension is just the latest in a string of unilateral delays the administration has implemented to buy time after the disastrous rollout of,” The Hill reported.

“The Obama administration has so far delayed the premium payments deadline, delayed by one week the sign-up date for coverage beginning Jan. 1, pushed back by six weeks the sign-up date for those seeking coverage by April 1, and delayed the second-year enrollment period until after the 2014 elections,” the report adds.

Again, the White House never consulted or sought the approval of Congress for these changes, which is odd considering that the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that Obamacare is constitutional so long as it’s considered a tax.

Funny how they never delay my income tax payment deadlines.

The Spanish version of Obamacare doesn’t work either

Did I say “Spanish?” I meant Spanglish.

Mirroring problems with the federal health care website, people around the nation attempting to navigate the Spanish version have discovered their own set of difficulties.

The site,, launched more than two months late.

A Web page with Spanish instructions linked users to an English form.

And the translations were so clunky and full of grammatical mistakes that critics say they must have been computer-generated — the name of the site itself can literally be read “for the caution of health.”

“When you get into the details of the plans, it’s not all written in Spanish. It’s written in Spanglish, so we end up having to translate it for them,” said Adrian Madriz, a health care navigator who helps with enrollment in Miami.

The issues with the site underscore the halting efforts across the nation to get Spanish-speakers enrolled under the federal health care law. Critics say that as a result of various problems, including those related to the website, many people whom the law was designed to help have been left out of the first wave of coverage.

Oh c’mon. It was never intended to help them. It was intended to help Dear Leader get re-elected by convincing gullible Latinos to vote for him. And it worked!

HHS staffs up CSI: Obamacare

Why does HHS need criminal investigators? To catch Americans avoiding their Obamacare obligations!

More than 1,600 new employees hired by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources in the aftermath of Obamacare’s passage include just two described as ‘consumer safety’ officers, but 86 tasked with ‘criminal investigating’ – indicating that the agency is building an army of detectives to sleuth out violations of a law that many in Congress who supported it still find confusing.

You will sign up for Obamacare. Or Kathleen Sebelius will put you in jail.