Fascist Police State Alert: Beware the seat belt checkpoints

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend so that means it’s time for the local Stasi to once again remind us peasants who’s in charge of our lives.

Cops from 173 departments around the state will be handing out extra tickets starting today in the annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign.

The seat belt ticket blitz lasts until June 3, a two-week stretch in which police officers will have zero-tolerance for people caught not buckling up, the state’s department of law and public safety said in a statement.

Ah, yes, the joys of New Jersey’s annual seat belt checkpoints. It was the subject of my first rant at the old blog, and everything I said 11 years ago still holds true today, including of course the true purpose of the exercise:

Color me skeptical, but the main purpose of the whole thing is not to make us safer. It’s to raise money, $46 at a time.

Except now, since front seat “compliance” is so high, the Volkskammer decreed that back seat passengers must buckle up too. Gotta protect that revenue stream!

So the same Volkspolizei that can’t enforce “stop and frisk” to take drugs and guns off our streets will be out there hassling guys napping in the back seat on the way home in their car pools.

Remember Freedom? Yeah, we don’t have that.

While looking for seat belt scofflaws, cops also issued 498 child restraint and 6,363 speeding citations and made 976 DWI arrests during the two-week period in 2017.

More revenue enhancement!

Did you notice what they didn’t cite? Drivers who lacked licenses, registrations, or insurance cards. You know, illegal aliens. Because if you’re not wearing a seat belt you’re an Enemy Of The State. But if you’re an illegal alien, Sanctuary Phil will give you a free college education.

Somewhere the Founding Fathers are weeping.

Whiny neighbors want NJ naval base to stop playing the national anthem

“It’s too loud.”

Some neighbors of Naval Weapons Station Earle are complaining that the sound from the navy base’s flag ceremonies is too loud.

According to the Asbury Park Press, people living near the navy base’s waterfront location in Middletown can clearly hear the “Call to Colors” followed by “The Star-Spangled Banner” being played when the base raises its flag at 8 a.m. and also during a similar ceremony at sunset when the flag is lowered.

“Why should someone not in the service have to wake up to reveille?’” 11th Street resident Bob Wille asked.

Hey Bob, whatcha gonna do when it’s the Muzzies blaring their call to prayer 5 times a day?

If you complain about that, they’ll lop your head off.

Our national anthem represents freedom Bob. Try not to be such a douchebag about it, OK?