At Rutgers, “inclusion and diversity” means excluding Conservatives

If I was a parent sending his kid to Rutgers I’d consider asking for my money back. Because the students’ idea of “inclusion and diversity” is pretty odd indeed.

Protesters were out in full force Tuesday night during Milo Yiannopoulis’ “Most Dangerous Faggot Tour” stop at Rutgers University, which brought in about 450 students.

Student protesters, reportedly from the group RU Speak Out and other organizations, stood up in the middle of Milo’s speech after one protester screamed, “This man represents hatred!” and then started smearing fake blood all over themselves.

“[Rutgers groups] should not be inviting anyone like Yiannopoulos because what we stand for is inclusion and diversity,” student activist Nyuma Waggeh told The Daily Targum. “If a speaker makes someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then they should not come to campus.”

I don’t think “student activist” Nyuma Waggeh understands the definition of the word “inclusion.” She’s probably too busy protesting to attend English class.

But on the plus side, any potential employer who Googles this knucklehead will quickly come to the realization she’s job candidate kryptonite. Of course it’s likely she’s majoring in something useless that ends in “Studies” so the lack of job prospects is already built in, but why take the chance?



Los Angeles schools reclassify failure as success so 22,000 failing students can graduate

What do you do when 22,000 high school seniors are failing their courses? You reclassify failure as success and let them graduate anyway!

The Hispanic-dominated Los Angeles Unified School District Board has decided it is better to let failing students graduate with D grades rather than deny them a diploma because of their poor grades in college prep classes.

The board unanimously agreed on Tuesday that students with a D grade in so-called A-G courses, which are required for entry to the University of California and California State University systems, could graduate and earn their diploma. The Daily News reported that 51 percent of incoming seniors are behind on the courses.

Although she voted for the change, board member Tamar Galatzan was worried about the board’s action, asserting, “I am worried we are setting students up for failure because this district hasn’t gotten its act together,” according to SCPR.

Give that lady an “A” for effort. And a “D” for effect.

Old and busted: Everybody gets a trophy.

New hotness: Everybody gets a diploma!

Tell me again how dumbing down standards helps kids get ahead in the world?

Yes it’s true, ObamaMath is infecting Catholic schools too

Father Z posts the warning. Alas I already heard the bad news, direct from the principal at my daughter’s school. “Common Core,” where 3 x 4 = 11, is the new curriculum in town. The Archdiocese has mandated it.

Welcome to ObamaMath, where it’s the effort that counts, and nobody really cares whether or not you get the right answer.

It’s the New Math drivel of my childhood, repackaged by our betters in Washington, D.C., to further ensnare our children in a vortex of mediocrity.

There’s an old math joke — 2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2.

Now thanks to Common Core, 5 is the right answer. Even in Catholic school.


Celebrate Mediocrity! Library tells 5-time reading champ to “step aside”

Tyler Weaver is a prolific reader. Curiously, his local library has a problem with that.

A 9-year-old who has won five straight reading contests at a New York library now has a new challenger to his throne – the library’s director, who says the young reader “hogs” the contest prizes each year and should “step aside.”

Tyler Weaver, who starts fifth grade in September, won the “Dig Into Reading” contest at the Hudson Falls Public Library this summer by reading 63 books from June 24 to Aug. 3, the Post-Star reports.

Weaver said he felt “great” that he won the contest again, winning prizes such as an atlas, a water bottle and certificates of achievement.

“Everybody he tells, he gets high-fives. Everybody’s so proud of him,” his mother Katie told the Post-Star.

Everyone except the library’s director.

“Other kids quit because they can’t keep up,” Marie Gandron said, adding that she considered changing the rules of the contest so prizes are given to children whose names are pulled out of a hat instead of reading the most books.

Mustn’t hurt the widdle snowfwakes feewings. So Tyler gets the Harrison Bergeron treatment. Because that’s “fair.”

A library that actually discourages reading. What will the liberals think of next?

White paper? Yeah, that’s racist

Also, witches should be portrayed with pink hats. For the children.

Children should be provided with paper other than white to drawn on and paints and crayons should come in “the full range of flesh tones”, reflecting the diversity of the human race, according to the former teacher.

Not only that, O’Connor says witches’ traditional black pointy hats should be replaced with pink ones while fairies should be dressed in darker colors.

So is snow racist too? How about Snow White? And her Seven Vertically-Challenged Helpers?

You know what’s really racist? The belief that kids, especially minority kids, need some overly-credentialed self-important wanker to do their thinking for them.

According to Obama, Catholic Schools create “fear and resentment”

Speaking in Ireland yesterday, Dear Leader slandered Catholic education.

President Barack Obama (above), repeated the oft disproved claim that Catholic education increases division in front of an audience of 2000 young people, including many Catholics, at Belfast’s Waterfront hall when he arrived in the country this morning.

“If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation,” the US president said.

I’d invite him to visit my daughter’s Catholic school to see “fear and resentment” up close. But he wouldn’t understand the sarcasm.

OK, my liberal friends, go ahead and tell he he’s “my president” too. Go ahead. He clearly has a vendetta against the Catholic Church, and by extension me, and my daughter. This latest incident is proof, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yet another reason that sending your kids to the government school is tantamount to child abuse

Unless, for some inexplicable reason, mandatory cross-dressing is how your family rolls.

MILWAUKEE – Deidri Hernandez’s seven-year-old son won’t be in school today, after officials at Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities confirmed they’re still holding “Switch It Up Day” – a time for students to come dressed as members of the opposite sex.

Hernandez tells EAGnews the day was originally billed as “Gender Bender Day,” but Tippecanoe officials made the name change after she called Principal Jeffrey Krupar to complain.

The school defends their policy, which they say is to “promote tolerance.”

How about promoting math? Because when I went to school we had to learn stuff like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Cross-dressing? Not so much.