Cory Booker is a partisan hack

Cory Booker: I won’t confirm Mike Pompeo as SoS because of his stance on gay marriage.

Also Cory Booker: I won’t confirm Richard Grenell as ambassador to Germany, even though he’s openly gay.

He’s a Democrat. If they didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

The #VRWC report, the Cory Booker’s road trip to Hawaii edition

If you don’t believe Cory Booker once drove from New Jersey to Hawaii, you just might be a Climate Change Denier. And of course he hit all 57 states along the way!

According to DHS, rock-throwing illegal aliens are scarier than a killer rabbit.

John Hudak is a lying sack of camel dung. Which is in no way meant as an insult to actual camel dung.

Bill de Blasio hates children. Because children don’t pay teachers union dues.

If everybody hates Daylight Saving Time, why do we still have it?

Another day, another imperial decree, this time granting legal status and benefits to thousands of illegal aliens if they’re related to a member of the U.S. military. I’m as pro-military as they come, but it strikes me that if this is such a good idea you’d think Congress would want to go on record as being in favor of it.

Every time someone watches this Cadillac ad a libtard’s head explodes.

In case you were unclear on NJ teen Rachel Canning’s motives for suing her parents, behold her Facebook fan page.

Peek inside Barack Obama’s diary, and then imagine how it would read if we had a Real President.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, we are all felons now.

Finally for today, 20 jokes that only really smart people will understand.

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Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise Update: 3 murders in 20 hours today

The bodies might not be literally floating in the Passaic River, but they’re still dead.

That makes 4 homicides in 3 days. 77 so far this year.

Where’s Cory? Oh, yeah, he’s busy. Running away from Newark. Hoping you’ll ignore his abysmal record as mayor and promote him to the U.S. Senate.

Here’s a better idea. Let Cory Booker fix Newark first. Then he can run on his achievements. Some day in the future when he, you know, has actual achievements to run on.

Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate! He’s also a mayor, and his record speaks for itself.

Where does Cory Booker live? Maybe he’s bunking with T-Bone!

The New York Post broke the story. And Steve Lonegan is running with it. Cory Booker, the Twitteriffic Mayor of Newark, NJ, may not, in fact, live in Newark.

The house where he says he lives? It’s a police station.

Oh, but he moved.

Two weeks ago.

During the grueling U.S. Senate campaign, while preparing for debates and jetting between New Jersey and Hollywood.

If you can believe that.

First Cory invented an imaginary drug dealer friend named T-Bone.

Now he seems to have invented an imaginary residence in the city he pretends to run.

How do you spell “carpetbagger?”

Because I spell it “C-O-R-Y  B-O-O-K-E-R”.

Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate! He actually lives in New Jersey!

Absentee Mayor Cory Booker is on track to be NJ’s Absentee Senator

What do you expect? The guy can’t even bother to show up at his own campaign rally.

When the mayor of Chicago and the mayor of Jersey City appear together Friday to stump for Cory Booker, their collective firepower should be enough to rally Booker’s supporters.

It will have to be, because Booker won’t be there.

The Newark mayor and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate will be at the Temple Night Club in San Francisco at a fundraiser held by the “San Francisco Young Professionals for Cory Booker.”

So tell me BookerBots, what are the odds Cory will show up in DC when New Jersey needs him?

My guess is he’ll be working the phones to California. You know, the state he’s actually running to represent.

Cory Booker was against bombing Syria before he was for it but now he’s sorta against it again

Poor Cory Booker. He can’t make up his mind.

Three different positions on bombing Syria. In one week!

Position #1: Last Wednesday, 8/28/13, Newark’s part-time YouTube celebrity/mayor/socialite/SNAP chef/friend of Oprah Cory Booker (D-Twitter) told HuffPost Live that the U.S. “should not be going to war” or “unleashing missiles” in Syria. No ambiguity there.

Position #2: Mere days later, on Saturday 8/31/13, Booker reversed himself and deferred to POTUS, stating that “[a]s part of the process of working with Congress, I expect that the president will clearly delineate what the strategic objectives are, and what limited military action will specifically achieve in Syria.”

Position #3: Today, Wednesday 9/4/13, he told PolitickerNJ that he has “a lot of thoughts about Syria but now is not the time.”

The week’s not over yet Cory. Care to “evolve” again? How about next week? Will that be The Time?

Decisiveness! It’s a Cory Booker hallmark!

Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise: 9 murders in 9 days

They’re stacking the bodies like cordwood in Newark, NJ.

A woman was killed and another man injured in a double shooting near a playground in Newark’s South Ward Tuesday night, marking the city’s ninth homicide in as many days, prosecutors and neighbors said.

The double shooting continued a surge of gun violence that has left nine dead since Aug. 26, including a pizza delivery man who was shot before his car crashed into a building Sunday night. None of the killings were related, according to Police Director Samuel DeMaio.

Just random violence, in Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise. Where the gun control laws are draconian, the police are out-gunned, the citizenry are hunkered down behind barricaded doors, and the Rock Star Mayor is too busy sucking up to Oprah Winfrey to notice.

I for one can’t wait for him to bring that record of success to the U.S. Senate. Can you?