This just in, solar panels don’t work when they’re covered in snow

Finally, a use for Global Warming! All this snow is blocking our solar panels from generating electricity.

For the countless solar panels that have cropped up on rooftops and fields across the region, winters like this one can reduce solar output when the panels become covered with snow or clouds filter the sunlight.

Overall, PSE&G’s solar production has dropped this winter as the state has been hit hard by snowstorm after snowstorm, said Todd Hranicka, director of solar energy, although he had no specific figures.

“It’s one of the challenges of solar,” he said. “If the sunlight is not hitting the solar panel, you’re not generating energy.”

So let me see if I’ve got this straight. We need solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing our carbon footprint cools the air so we get more snow. And the snow stops the solar panels from working. Which means our carbon footprint goes up!

What is the carbon footprint of a pizza that’s delivered to the White House from St. Louis?

Because President CO2 Cutter flew in 20 pizzas last month for himself and some friends. Special delivery, direct from St. Louis, Missouri. 860 miles, more or less.

Apparently you can’t get good take-out in DC.

As Instapundit is fond of saying, I’ll believe this whole CO2 causes Global Warming thing is really a problem when the guy telling me it’s a problem starts acting like it’s a problem.

Until then, he’s just spewing hot air.