The #VRWC Report: Purple People Beater Schadenfreude edition

Any day where public employee unionistas get whacked is a good day for America. And yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling in Harris v. Quinn means the Purple People Beaters will have to refund millions in ill-gotten union dues. Huzzah!

Here’s another good guy with a gun story. You know how it turns out.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless you’re Lois Lerner. Then, “oopsie” is a perfectly fine explanation. Or so her attorney would have us believe.

Life in Obama’s military: Gay Pride one month, Sharia Law the next. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is OK with that.

Is water a ‘right’ in Detroit? The U.N. thinks so but here’s why they are wrong.

Is Barack Obama the OJ Simpson of the Oval Office. Or, just another dog. Why not both?

A spotlight review of Hillary Clinton’s new book: All talk, no action.

And last but not least, a travelogue along Route 66.

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The #VRWC report, the Cory Booker’s road trip to Hawaii edition

If you don’t believe Cory Booker once drove from New Jersey to Hawaii, you just might be a Climate Change Denier. And of course he hit all 57 states along the way!

According to DHS, rock-throwing illegal aliens are scarier than a killer rabbit.

John Hudak is a lying sack of camel dung. Which is in no way meant as an insult to actual camel dung.

Bill de Blasio hates children. Because children don’t pay teachers union dues.

If everybody hates Daylight Saving Time, why do we still have it?

Another day, another imperial decree, this time granting legal status and benefits to thousands of illegal aliens if they’re related to a member of the U.S. military. I’m as pro-military as they come, but it strikes me that if this is such a good idea you’d think Congress would want to go on record as being in favor of it.

Every time someone watches this Cadillac ad a libtard’s head explodes.

In case you were unclear on NJ teen Rachel Canning’s motives for suing her parents, behold her Facebook fan page.

Peek inside Barack Obama’s diary, and then imagine how it would read if we had a Real President.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, we are all felons now.

Finally for today, 20 jokes that only really smart people will understand.

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The media can find Chris Christie’s college records, and mock them. Barack Obama’s? Not so much

A liberal newshound of my acquaintance is yucking it up on Facebook because the media found a bridge Chris Christie celebrated keeping open, for his college graduation.

Long Ago, Christie Celebrated When A Bridge Stayed Open—For His Graduation

Media outlets have dug up an old article from Gov. Chris Christie’s University of Delaware days in which he expressed gratitude over a bridge opening that would ease traffic problems during the University of Delaware’s 1984 graduation ceremonies.

This is supposed to make Bridgegate relevant again, or something.


What’s not so funny, of course, is the media’s continued lack of interest in Barack Obama’s college days. Over to you Lois Lane… couldn’t verify Barack Obama’s identity, birthers rejoice!

I mean, really, it’s his own website. And it doesn’t know who he is.

According to the White House, President Obama tried to symbolically sign up for Obamacare but the system didn’t recognize him. could not actually verify his identity, oddly enough.

Well, whaddaya expect with a fake birth certificate?

It’s a government web site. If it says Obama ain’t real, who are we to say he is?

But have no fear. His minions stepped in and enrolled him, overriding the system. Because they can do stuff like that. It’s kind of like when they get dead people to vote. Obama Uber Alles. Or you’re a racist.

Welcome Back Carter, the sequel

As you all know, Barack Obama is currently starring in a disappointing remake of “Welcome Back Carter.”

Now Jimmah Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, is looking to option a sequel, announcing his candidacy for governor of Georgia.

A grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter plans to run for governor of Georgia, an office once held by his grandfather on his path to the White House.

Jason Carter, who serves in the state senate, will seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Governor Nathan Deal next year in a state that has not had a Democratic governor in 12 years, a legislative assistant to Carter said on Thursday.

Do us all a favor kid. Jump right to the Hating America and Pontificating About How Evil Israel Is phase of your political career and spare us another episode of National Malaise. Just because bell bottoms are back in style (ugh!) doesn’t mean we all want to relive the 70’s again and again and again. Believe me, the third time is not a charm.