Take your autoplay ads and stick em where the sun don’t shine

The Lonely Conservative rants about my #1 pet peeve.

Good grief. As a blogger I’m constantly opening up web pages in new tabs and there is nothing more annoying than the auto play videos. If I have five tabs open I have to go to each one to find out where the noise is coming from. Usually it’s easy to find, but not always. Breitbart sites are the worst. The Hill has joined them. ABC News is a big offender. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve closed them out because of it. Half the time I would have stuck around, read the stories and possibly linked to them sending traffic their way. Instead I close them out.

The absolute worst are the pages that hold the audio until you’ve clicked away, and then 20 minutes later start blaring at full volume.  It’s impossible to figure out which tab is the culprit before the ad finishes. And 20 minutes later, it fires up again! What is wrong with you people?

Die you gravy sucking pigs.

If you think this makes me want to buy your product, well, you are completely retarded.