Maybe next year the Rose Parade can have a Planned Parenthood float performing an abortion

I mean really, if the libtards insist on shoving public buggery in our children’s faces, why not go for the gusto?

A commenter named Angela Wingenroth, who identified herself as a stay-at-home mother, vowed not to allow her daughters to watch the parade:

“We don’t care what the states say about it — God is clear that this isn’t right and I will NOT have this SHOVED DOWN MY CHILDREN’S THROATS!! The intolerance is theirs. They will not accept peoples’ objections to their lifestyle — you HAVE to accept that it’s not just ok, but GOOD or you’re a bigot! If they want to get ‘married,’ that’s their choice, but my kids don’t need to see it.”

Abortion is the Holy Sacrament of Feminism. If two lesbians can preside over a parade float featuring the “wedding” of two poofters, surely Planned Parenthood can choreograph their greatest achievement with flowers…

SCOTUS to Abortion Barbie: Get Stuffed

The Supreme Court has refused to block the Texas law restricting abortions.

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to block controversial Texas abortion restrictions that have been called some of the strictest in the country and have led a dozen abortion clinics in the state to stop performing the procedure.

The court by a 5-4 vote denied a request by Planned Parenthood to block a ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, allowing key parts of the Texas abortion law to stay in effect while the lawsuit challenging the restrictions moves forward.

Sorry Wendy Davis, you can’t ride a wave of dead babies into the Texas governor’s mansion.

Georgetown University is catholic in name only

Contrary to popular belief, the Roman Catholic Church does not condone shilling for abortion.

A Washington D.C.-based private Catholic university is slated to offer a class next semester that is expected to teach students how to promote and protect abortion coverage provided under the Affordable Care Act.

The course, “Regulatory Advocacy: Women and the Affordable Care Act,” is set to be taught at Georgetown Law, and it has upset staunch Catholics, according to The Cardinal Newman Society, which first reported on the new academic offering.

“We have long warned about Georgetown scandals that undermine the Church’s strong defense of innocent life,” Patrick Reilly, society president, told Catholic Education Daily. “But here students are being required to work for a pro-abortion lobby, making America’s oldest Catholic university an active agent of the culture of death.”

The course will hone in on “regulatory advocacy as it pertains to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and women’s health,” and calls on students to work with the National Women’s Law Center “to develop projects that will assist in the organization’s regulatory advocacy efforts.” The law center publicly supports Obamacare and its mandate requiring religious institutions provide insurance coverage for abortions and other birth control.

The Jesuits of Georgetown would do well to reacquaint themselves with Canon 915.

Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi!

Father Frank Pavone pulls no punches when it comes to San Fran Nan and her “sacred” sacrament of abortion.

In an open letter, Fr. Frank Pavone, national director for Priests for Life, a pro-life organization, made known his discontent with Pelosi’s most recent comments about abortion.

“Last Thursday, June 13, you were asked a question in a press briefing that you declined to answer. The question was, ‘What is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?,’” Pavone wrote. “Instead of even attempting to answer the question, you resorted to judgmental ad hominem attacks on the reporter who asked it, saying, ‘You obviously have an agenda. You’re not interested in having an answer.’”

The priest said, though, that it is Pelosi’s stance on the matter that is problematic, as she isn’t interested in “giving an answer.”

But that wasn’t the harshest of his rebukes. Pavone went on to charge that Pelosi made a “mockery of the Catholic faith” during the press conference and that she offended millions of Americans who follow church doctrine. Here, he was referring to her claim to be a “practicing and respectful Catholic” who believes that the abortion discussion is “sacred ground.”

“You speak here of Catholic faith as if it is supposed to hide us from reality instead of lead us to face reality, as if it is supposed to confuse basic moral truths instead of clarify them, and as if it is supposed to help us escape the hard moral questions of life rather than help us confront them,” he continued.

“Whatever Catholic faith you claim to respect and practice, it is not the faith that the Catholic Church teaches. And I speak for countless Catholics when I say that it’s time for you to stop speaking as if it were,” added the priest.

Too many American “catholic” (yes, small-c) politicians openly flout Church teachings on abortion, gay “marriage,” and contraception. It is time for the Holy See to kick some butt. Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi. Because abortion is never “sacred.” Never.

Behind the Star-Ledger’s vendetta against Archbishop Myers

Every day for the past several weeks the good old child-protectors at the Star-Ledger have railed against Abp Myers’ handling of a priestly sex abuse case. Day after day they flog the same dead horse. “Politician You Never Heard Of Denounces Myers!” is the typical headline.

But today Tom Moran outdid himself, congratulating people for “standing up” to John Myers and Church hierarchy.

Now let’s admit what’s really going on here.

The Star-Ledger keeps beating this dead horse because they want Abp Myers gone. And why do they want him gone? Because he’s a forceful opponent of their 2 pet causes – abortion and same-sex “marriage.” The continued flogging of these sex-abuse cases is a means to that end. They’re hoping for a more malleable Church leader, one who’ll see the “nuance” of allowing the liberals’ officially sanctioned sins to fester and grow.

It seems like every week now there is another public school teacher in the news for molesting her male students. Yet the Ledger is silent on the epidemic of child abuse in our public schools. Why? Because the public schools are already on the side of abortion and homosexuality, that’s why. See, some child abuse is OK (cough, Erica DePalo, cough) if she is otherwise a good little liberal (you’re not named Teacher of the Year if you’re reading National Review in the breakroom!).

The Catholic Church is all that stands between Tom Moran and Sodom and Gomorrah. He’s determined to impose his heretical worldview on every New Jersey Catholic. And dragging Archbishop Myers through the mud is his weapon of choice. Nevermind that other sins, equally distasteful to the Church, escape Moran’s notice. Or more ominously, enjoy his overwhelming support.

I can only say, when Tom Moran meets The Lord, he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.