5 questions for the Kelley, Rodgers, and Schmidt campaign for Caldwell Council

The Caldwell Democrats are plastering social media with their press releases, touting their various endorsements from county and congressional candidates running on the same ticket. So it’s rah-rah when they endorse Montclair Mikie and she endorses them in return, and please don’t mention Bob Menendez.

Not to ruin their little love-fest, but I for one need more substance than that. So I posed five questions to the 3 folks running in Caldwell — John Kelley for mayor, and Frank Rodgers and Christine Schmidt for council.

If a few of these questions look familiar, well, they are. They’re essentially the same questions I posed to Jonathan Lace and Henderson Cole last year. They’re the questions those two fellows refused to answer. But hey, I’m an eternal optimist, so let’s see if the second time’s a charm, right?

1. How will you meaningfully reduce the crushing property tax burden here in Caldwell?

2. Do you support Governor Murphy’s new tax and spend initiatives, including increasing the sales tax, the corporate income tax, and the individual income tax?

3. Do you support Governor Murphy’s initiative to make New Jersey a so-called “sanctuary state,” and if elected will you introduce an ordinance to make Caldwell a “sanctuary city?”

4. Given your pledge to run a positive campaign, what is your position on the recent statements by Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraging Democrats to harass and intimidate Republicans? Do you agree with Senator Cory Booker that this is a reasonable course of action? What, if anything, will you say if a Caldwell merchant banishes someone for his political beliefs, like the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia?

5. Do you approve of the CWCBOE spending (at last count) in excess of $20 million dollars to implement full day kindergarten?

The ball’s in your court lady and gentlemen. I await your responses, which I will, of course, publish here in their entirety.


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