WyBlog, The Sequel?

I’m thinking of restarting the blog. Maybe not WyBlog, it’s old and cranky and slow and it ran its course. But Instapundit recently suggested that folks need to get off social media and back to blogging, because face it, Facebook and Twitter and Google hate conservatives. Really hate them. I mean “us.”

So what’s a guy to do? Well, I’ve got this site, languishing from the last blog platform upheaval (anyone remember Posterous?) and it’s either resurrect this, or shudder!, move to Tumblr.

WordPress is still cool. Tumblr, isn’t.

So, here goes. No guarantees. I probably won’t post every day. Or I might post 10 things in a row. Who knows? I do have a cool new phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and it’s got a convenient “share to WordPress” button that looks interesting. I could blog on the bus! I could blog during meetings! And maybe while I’m on conference calls! I could blog on the can! (TMI, dude…) I could blog while I eat green eggs and ham! (Uh, no thanks) Or just during lunch.

Yeah, lunch. that’s the ticket. Watch out for mayo stains on your comments. Always remember that objects in mirror are closer than they appear. And the Man From Wy is back on the air.



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