Newark Airport ranked dead last in holiday season on-time performance

I know, you’re shocked. But it’s true, Newark Airport sucks.

Newark Liberty International Airport ranked last among 25 major U.S. airports in a survey of on-time performance and cancellation rates during the November and December holiday travel season.

Newark’s total of 24,503 delays and 3,210 cancellations out of 97,389 flights during the two months from 2009 through 2013 meant 29 percent of flights were either late or cancelled, according to the survey, conducted by, a personal finance site.

A spokesman for the Port Authority declined comment. Sort of like how nobody at the airport knows when your plane is gonna leave either.

Don’t count on LaGuardia or JFK being better though.

LaGuardia ranked 23rd, with 25 percent of flights cancelled or late, while JFK was 21st, or fifth worst, at 22 percent.

All 3 airports are run by the same gang at the Port Authority. And since they’re the only game in town, where’s the incentive to improve? What are we gonna do, take our business to Milwaukee?

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