We’re #2! NJ has second highest local tax burden in the nation!

C’mon Chris Christie, you can get us to #1! I know you can!

All things considered though, I’d rather we strove to be more like Wyoming.

The Garden State has the second highest state and local tax burdens in the nation, according to a study by the Tax Foundation.

For fiscal year 2011 — the most recent data available — residents in New Jersey paid 12.3 percent of their collective incomes in state and local taxes, the study found.

New Jersey was just behind New York at 12.6 percent, the report said. Connecticut ranked third at 11.9 percent. The national average in 2011 was 9.8 percent.

Wyoming was at the bottom of the list at just 6.9 percent.

There are people here – cough, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, cough – who think we don’t pay enough taxes. Somebody should whack him with a clue-by-4.


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