The #VRWC Report, your Dictators R Us edition

Valerie Jarrett loves her presidential dictator. Until Sarah Palin is sworn in…

Dear Leader has invited gay NBA player Jason Collins to be his guest at tonight’s SOTU. Wait, is he gonna perform a gay wedding? All the Kool Kidz are doing it on TV now, and Obama never misses an opportunity to poke a stick in the eye of America’s Christians.

More likely, it’ll just be deja vu all over again. But in case Dear Leader says something we haven’t heard before, here’s your Official SOTU Bingo Card.

Punching back twice as hard: Students sue California for public school failures; teachers unions freak out.

The numbers don’t lie: Increasing the minimum wage increases teen unemployment.

The loony leftist gun-grabbers at Moms Demand Action took their idiocy to the corporate offices of Staples. Hilarity ensued.

Prayers and donations are needed for New Orleans jazz musician Doug Potter who was savagely beaten last Monday by some “thugs” while walking to his car after a gig. This so-called “knockout game” needs some new rules, as in “you hit us, we shoot you.

As if we needed another reason to despise Common Core: It includes a massive database of students’ personal data, accessible to pretty much everyone. Except the student and his parents, because, privacy.

Are we about to witness Divorce, Obama style? Read the East Wing tea leaves, and gird your loins.

What is this world coming to? The Marlboro Man begets Pajama Boy.

Finally for today, last week everyone was laughing at North Korea for claiming they successfully landed a man on the sun. What’s so hard to believe about that? He went at night!

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