Oops, Obamacare is sending “unusable” data to NJ Medicaid

Remember, the Medicaid piece is supposed to be the part that’s working.

Eh, not so much.

State officials said Thursday that thousands of poor people who applied for health coverage using the federal government’s website are unable to be enrolled because of serious glitches in the system.

New Jersey Medicaid said in­formation it received from the federal insurance marketplace for about 25,000 residents who qualify for free health coverage from New Jersey’s program for the poor is “unusable.”

Their applications can’t be pro­cessed, and they can’t yet be enrolled for coverage that is supposed to begin on Jan. 1, said Nicole Brossoie, assistant commissioner of the state Department of Human Services, which runs Medicaid.

It is yet another problem in the disastrous rollout of the federal marketplace for people who want to sign up for health insurance. After assurances that the federal website would automatically send enrollment information to the state for those who qualify for Medicaid, New Jersey officials discovered this week that the state and the federal computer systems don’t communicate smoothly.

Worse, people who think they enrolled successfully in Medicaid have no idea that, in fact, their applications are in limbo.

Nice of them to finally notice, a whole 10 days before the poor schlubs discover they’re not covered.

Obamacare, it’s an Epic Fail wherever you look.

2 thoughts on “Oops, Obamacare is sending “unusable” data to NJ Medicaid

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