Welcome Back Carter, the sequel

As you all know, Barack Obama is currently starring in a disappointing remake of “Welcome Back Carter.”

Now Jimmah Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, is looking to option a sequel, announcing his candidacy for governor of Georgia.

A grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter plans to run for governor of Georgia, an office once held by his grandfather on his path to the White House.

Jason Carter, who serves in the state senate, will seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Governor Nathan Deal next year in a state that has not had a Democratic governor in 12 years, a legislative assistant to Carter said on Thursday.

Do us all a favor kid. Jump right to the Hating America and Pontificating About How Evil Israel Is phase of your political career and spare us another episode of National Malaise. Just because bell bottoms are back in style (ugh!) doesn’t mean we all want to relive the 70’s again and again and again. Believe me, the third time is not a charm.

Big Government Knows Best: FDA to ban all trans fats

Choice? That’s just a feminist slogan. The nanny-staters can’t actually let you choose anything, including what you eat.

Heart-clogging trans fats have been slowly disappearing from grocery aisles and restaurant menus in the last decade. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is finishing the job.

The FDA plans to announce later Thursday that it will require the food industry to gradually phase out all trans fats, saying they are a threat to people’s health. Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said the move could prevent 20,000 heart attacks a year and 7,000 deaths.

Hamburg said that while the amount of trans fats in the country’s diet has declined dramatically in the last decade, they “remain an area of significant public health concern.” The trans fats have long been criticized by nutritionists, and New York and other local governments have banned them.

The agency isn’t yet setting a timeline for the phase-out, but will collect comments for two months before officials determine how long it will take. Different foods may have different timelines, depending how easy it is to substitute.

“We want to do it in a way that doesn’t unduly disrupt markets,” says Michael Taylor, FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods. Still, he says, “industry has demonstrated that it is by and large feasible to do.”

To phase them out, the FDA said it had made a preliminary determination that trans fats no longer fall in the agency’s “generally recognized as safe” category, which is reserved for thousands of additives that manufacturers can add to foods without FDA review. Once trans fats are off the list, anyone who wants to use them would have to petition the agency for a regulation allowing it, and that would be unlikely to be approved.

Can you imagine the Pilgrims asking the FDA for permission to eat the first Thanksgiving dinner?

Yeah, me neither. We’ve fallen a long way from the ideals of liberty espoused by our forefathers.

Robots don’t care if you voted to raise the minimum wage

Ergo, your entry-level minimum wage job just went “poof.” Because a robot can do it better, and a robot doesn’t pretend it’s worth more than the employer paid for it.

McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) is trying to make fast food even faster. The Financial Times reports that the worlds’ largest fast food chain plans to replace many of the cashiers at its 7,000 European restaurants with touch screen terminals that allow customers to order and pay electronically.

The move at McDonald’s is similar to what many consumers experience in supermarkets, retailers and gasoline stations that have opted for self-checkout to save on labor costs.

Way to go morons. You made labor more expensive, now you get to find out what happens when employers aren’t willing to pay you that much.

That guy standing across from the unemployment office laughing at you? Yeah, that’s me.

LoveRoom, it’s like Airbnb, but only for hot young singles

Say you’re a 20-something junior sales associate on her way to Boise, and you’d rather not spend the night alone in a Holiday Inn Express. Log on to the LoveRoom app, and find a hot guy willing to rent you a room, and maybe share it with you!

Eww, is this really what the world needs? Apparently, yes.

A new website and app now under development will allow users to rent rooms in a fashion similar to Airbnb, but only to attractive people.

LoveRoom is a platform where people can rent their living space to other people under one condition: they need to be attractive,” the front page for the yet-to-launch website says. “It’s like Airbnb for Dating ;) .”

LoveRoom is set to launch in beta later this week, according to published reports. It allows users to search by age, location, gender and sexual orientation like the typical dating website, and then to rent rooms from the matches they find, the New York Post reported.

Just remember, on the internet no one can tell if you’re a dog, or a depraved sex offender, until it’s too late.


Really, what could go wrong?

Pot, meet kettle: Jimmy Carter calls Obama a failure

From the damning with faint praise department:

“He’s done the best he could under the circumstances,” Carter said of Obama. “His major accomplishment was Obamacare, and the implementation of it now is questionable at best.”

“He’s done he best he could.” Which, clearly, is not even good enough for government work.

You can just imagine Carter wanting to reach out and pat Barry on the head: Nice president, now go play some golf.