If Chris Christie falters the GOP is gonna pin their hopes on … Jeb Bush?

Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, brother and son of the former presidents Bush, is considering a run for president, but only if Gov. Chris Christie fails to gain nationwide traction, Politico reports this morning.

According to the report, Bush has edged from a definite “no” to a decided “maybe” and they put the odds of him getting into the race at 30 percent.

“I think he could run,” one senior Republican who now works in the financial industry told Politico. “The environment is shaping up well for him. Republicans want someone who is competent and who can win and that’s Jeb.”

Jeb Bush can “win?” Really? Just like Mitt Romney “won.” And John McCain “won.” Oh, and wait to this doozy, McCain went off his meds, and wants to try again. Because the first time worked out so well.

 “He is thinking about it. If Christie can’t break out … Jeb is the only proven national mainstream candidate who could keep the Cruz/Paul wing at bay and have a shot at winning a general election.”

That says it all. The GOP establishment would rather see the Hilldabeast in the White House than any proven conservative.

2 thoughts on “If Chris Christie falters the GOP is gonna pin their hopes on … Jeb Bush?

  1. Uuggghhhh……I can’t stand it. Not another RINO Bush. I admit, I appreciate W now, more than when he was in office, but only because of what we have in there now. I don’t want Christie though, either. Give me a Ted Cruz, Allen West, or Dr Ben Carson, or I’m done.

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