Welcome Back Carter, the sequel

As you all know, Barack Obama is currently starring in a disappointing remake of “Welcome Back Carter.”

Now Jimmah Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, is looking to option a sequel, announcing his candidacy for governor of Georgia.

A grandson of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter plans to run for governor of Georgia, an office once held by his grandfather on his path to the White House.

Jason Carter, who serves in the state senate, will seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Governor Nathan Deal next year in a state that has not had a Democratic governor in 12 years, a legislative assistant to Carter said on Thursday.

Do us all a favor kid. Jump right to the Hating America and Pontificating About How Evil Israel Is phase of your political career and spare us another episode of National Malaise. Just because bell bottoms are back in style (ugh!) doesn’t mean we all want to relive the 70’s again and again and again. Believe me, the third time is not a charm.


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