LoveRoom, it’s like Airbnb, but only for hot young singles

Say you’re a 20-something junior sales associate on her way to Boise, and you’d rather not spend the night alone in a Holiday Inn Express. Log on to the LoveRoom app, and find a hot guy willing to rent you a room, and maybe share it with you!

Eww, is this really what the world needs? Apparently, yes.

A new website and app now under development will allow users to rent rooms in a fashion similar to Airbnb, but only to attractive people.

LoveRoom is a platform where people can rent their living space to other people under one condition: they need to be attractive,” the front page for the yet-to-launch website says. “It’s like Airbnb for Dating ;) .”

LoveRoom is set to launch in beta later this week, according to published reports. It allows users to search by age, location, gender and sexual orientation like the typical dating website, and then to rent rooms from the matches they find, the New York Post reported.

Just remember, on the internet no one can tell if you’re a dog, or a depraved sex offender, until it’s too late.


Really, what could go wrong?


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