Cory Booker was against bombing Syria before he was for it but now he’s sorta against it again

Poor Cory Booker. He can’t make up his mind.

Three different positions on bombing Syria. In one week!

Position #1: Last Wednesday, 8/28/13, Newark’s part-time YouTube celebrity/mayor/socialite/SNAP chef/friend of Oprah Cory Booker (D-Twitter) told HuffPost Live that the U.S. “should not be going to war” or “unleashing missiles” in Syria. No ambiguity there.

Position #2: Mere days later, on Saturday 8/31/13, Booker reversed himself and deferred to POTUS, stating that “[a]s part of the process of working with Congress, I expect that the president will clearly delineate what the strategic objectives are, and what limited military action will specifically achieve in Syria.”

Position #3: Today, Wednesday 9/4/13, he told PolitickerNJ that he has “a lot of thoughts about Syria but now is not the time.”

The week’s not over yet Cory. Care to “evolve” again? How about next week? Will that be The Time?

Decisiveness! It’s a Cory Booker hallmark!


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