Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise: 9 murders in 9 days

They’re stacking the bodies like cordwood in Newark, NJ.

A woman was killed and another man injured in a double shooting near a playground in Newark’s South Ward Tuesday night, marking the city’s ninth homicide in as many days, prosecutors and neighbors said.

The double shooting continued a surge of gun violence that has left nine dead since Aug. 26, including a pizza delivery man who was shot before his car crashed into a building Sunday night. None of the killings were related, according to Police Director Samuel DeMaio.

Just random violence, in Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise. Where the gun control laws are draconian, the police are out-gunned, the citizenry are hunkered down behind barricaded doors, and the Rock Star Mayor is too busy sucking up to Oprah Winfrey to notice.

I for one can’t wait for him to bring that record of success to the U.S. Senate. Can you?

One thought on “Cory Booker’s Urban Paradise: 9 murders in 9 days

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