Cory Booker’s internet startup is set to flame out the day after the election

Well, it turns out 15-year-old whiz kids aren’t the best choice to run an internet startup. Cory Booker’s Waywire venture is destined for the ash heap of internet irrelevancy — it’s losing money faster than an Obama Green Jobs program — and staffers are bolting for the exits. But it’ll keep afloat, barely!, until the day after New Jersey’s special U.S. Senate election so Cory can save face.

Waywire will likely remain in business only until after Booker’s widely anticipated election to the US Senate so that he doesn’t look bad before the voters, sources said.

A potemkin tech “success” for the guy who’s all flash and no substance. Waywire will be cast aside just as soon as it’s no longer needed to burnish Booker’s hipster cred.

“He’s so cool, he runs into burning buildings to save people!” someone gushed to me last night. Because that’s a trait we all yearn for in our superheroes senators. “He has people for that” I replied, until I remembered how many firemen he laid off.

I wonder if any of them got Waywire stock options?


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