Would the CNN boss’ son work for Steve Lonegan too?

Andrew Zucker, the teenage son of CNN Head Honcho Jeff Zucker, is no ordinary 15-year-old.  In fact he’s such a media mogul in his own right he got hired onto the board of directors of a well-capitalized tech startup founded by Newark Mayor and NJ senatorial candidate Cory Booker. He even gets stock options.

How convenient.

CNN’s coverage and Booker’s politics align nicely, don’t they? This is probably not an accident. They’re all one big incestuous family.

Young Master Zucker promptly resigned his sinecure once the details were revealed by a mere blogger. Pity that the old guard lame-stream media never took an interest in his entrepreneurial esprit. He’ll undoubtedly keep those stock options though.

Steve Lonegan for U.S. Senate. Because he’s not in bed with the clown show that got us into this mess in the first place.


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